American Power Conversion
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Welly Wu

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May 16, 2003

Will you plan to carry the new American Power Conversion S, J, and H Type units on your website soon:

I am trying to acquire an APC S15 and it is a dickens to get pricing and ordering information from the above website. I'd like to do business with you because it would probably be easier and less expensive.

I auditioned the S15 and I found it to be chock full of technology and the sonics were unscathed. No dynamic compression, extreme frequencies roll offs, transient blurring or shunting, etc. There are different pricing structures available for different customers.

Stereophile awarded the APC S15 in its Recommended Components 2007 list. It's garnered high praise in the audio and video press.

Can I order it through you?
One stop shopping convenience and all: Meridian 808i + APC S15. I'm serious.

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