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AMB MMM variable gain modification.

  1. meinshnake
    Hey guys, been a while since I was on the site.

    I am just getting my AMB M^3 out of storage and realizing I never fixed some quirks. I was looking at the schematic a while back and seem to remember you can turn the bass boost into a variable gain (Which is set far too high on my particular build with a non functional bass boost) by removing all bass boost related components and setting the gain via R3 and R4 (L+R) to 2 you would acheive a variable gain of 2-17. I would usually just go and read the AMB website however it seems to be down. Does anyone here have first hand experience with this mod who could confirm or deny my memory?

  2. funch
    Here are some pix of a balanced build posted by a member of the 'other' site. As you can see, he only uses variable gain; no volume control.
    I hope AMB hasn't shuttered his website and business for good like Alex Cavalli. That would be another big loss to the community.


    From what I can see, it looks like all you do is install the bass boost pot with no other positions populated or jumpered.
  3. amb
    amb.org suffered an outage due to problems at the ISP, but it's been online again since 6 days ago.

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