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Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gemNeye, Apr 26, 2019.
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  1. a-LeXx
    After Amazon has fixed the ugliest bugs, I'm pretty happy with music hd. It's about as good as it can get on my HW. Using iPhone as a source, DFR as DAC + Fiio A5 whenever required. Headphones in rotation : SE846, T5p.2 and HD600. Maybe they are all a bit dated, but for me still damn good...
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  2. Steve Wilcox
    I listened to this on Qobuz in HR and was really disappointed in the sound quality. This is very much an exception to the usually excellent Qobuz quality though. I'm not sure what's gone wrong here?
  3. grokit
    I'm glad it's not just me! The easy answer is poor mastering, which happens on some compilation albums.

    But this would seem to beg the question, why does it sound better on Amazon HD?
  4. originalsnuffy
    Is it confirmed that it sounds better on Amazon HD? I have the download from Amazon and it sounds fine; but that tells us nothing about Qobuz of course. In general, I am super critical of the concept that different versions of albums are going out to different providers. I would be willing to bet that the various subscription services get huge FTP downloads at pretty much the same time and then add it to their systems without much futzing about.
  5. grokit
    Keeping score of those that have heard both albums both ways, this makes two of us have that have found the Qobuz version objectionable, and two of us that have found the Amazon HD version at least "fine".
  6. greenblured
    The hard facts imo re streaming is Qobus id def the best re pure soundq. Refering to one recording that´s no good and conclude Qobus is bad is.... stupid. Try a BrandX(the band) album (Whitch have extreme dynamic range) and compare Amazone/Qobus. .
  7. grokit
    "Hard facts" are different from "imo", last time I checked. Qobuz has its own thread. Please add something constructive, like which album you have listened to from both services.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  8. greenblured
    sorry, was not aware this is a Amazone fan boy tread.
  9. grokit
    I am not defending Amazon as a company, just wondering why you're here if not to troll.
  10. greenblured
    Not a troll. Comenting your opinion on on one recording you feel Amazon beats Qobus.
  11. originalsnuffy
    I am not necessarily an Amazon Fan Boy. In fact I am testing out Tidal also right now. But the Amazon ecosystem is pretty helpful for my use case.
  12. 3Putter
    I have used all three services. They all sound good to me. Differences exist but I was becoming so involved in finding differences it detracted from my enjoyment. So, I decided to give Amazon a try. Had anything I wanted and more. Qobuz sounds great but not enough there. Used Amazon for a week and ran into tech glitches and inconsistent SQ. Went right back to Tidal. It is consistent, great at discovery, nice SQ. I dont care that others poo poo MQA. I can navigate easily, have a great personal series of lists to access and I'm back enjoying music. Had Qobuz had more for me I could gladly have stayed. Amazon's UI was awful. Converting SD to HD was a pain. Downloads would duplicate songs within an album. Other glitchy stuff...
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  13. funkle II
    Roon has been such a godsend for me that any streaming service I subscribe to needs to have Roon integration, so Amazon is off the table until that happens. I do subscribe to Tidal & Qobuz HR services, and find Qobuz 16/44 files to sound substantially better than Tidal 16/44.
  14. GlennDS
    I bought the Echo Link for my mom and decided to try it out.
    "...but it will downsample everything before playing it internally, or sending out the digital outputs to an external DAC..." Using the digital output, not only does it downsample everything to 48kHz, but it also upsamples everything to 48kHz. It does the same as all other media streaming devices (FireTV pendant, Roku, Nvidia Shield, and Google Chromecast), the Link converts all input signals to 48kHz.
    I guess I'm not buying one for myself.
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  15. originalsnuffy
    The Echo Dot (3rd generation) is capable of hi res FWIW. I use the 3.5mm output to a receiver that is in turn hooked to a whole home speaker system (Niles). Sounds great.
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