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Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gemNeye, Apr 26, 2019.
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  1. SteveOliver
    What does that have to do with Amazon Music, did you post in the wrong thread?
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  2. GlennDS
    He might be referring to Soundizer's comparison between Amazon Music HD and Tidal.
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  3. SteveOliver
    Maybe, your guess is as good as mine, perhaps if @Andrew_WOT had quoted the OP's message we would have been able to join in the discussion.
  4. Andrew_WOT
    It was too long of a post to quote. But yeah, it was in reference to that comparison.
  5. SteveOliver
    OK thanks for clearing that up, it was a long post I agree. shh don't tell Soundizer but I speed read most of it. :)
  6. itchyears
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  7. tomwoo
    Already signed up TIDAL's $1.99 for 4 month offer, couldn't pass on it :D
    I'll let Amazon Music HD free trial run itself out in one month. Not coming back unless they add exclusive mode in 4 months (doubt they will ever do that)... The app itself needs some streamlining too, right now it's too messy to my taste.
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  8. Andrew_WOT
    How long business giving stuff away for free will last, I wonder?

    Windows Amazon app was updated, btw, 7.8.72132 now. No idea what changed, seems like Amazon SW engineers are complete strangers to release notes thing.
  9. a-LeXx
    Hmm, you compared MASTER albums on Tidal (which means, they are at least 24/96) to only slightly a bit over CD-Quality albums on Amazon (24 bit vs 16 bit is not a big deal,barely any DAC used in mobile applications can physically resolves more than 16-18 bits anyway) . Not a very fair comparison. The problems related to a sample frequency of 44.1kbps are all related to the filtering and fidelity at frequencies around the cut-off frequency of the filter. Exactly those problems are eliminated with true HiRes material, or at least semi-true (MQA), because the cut-off frequency is at least at 48kHz with those, and no human being can hear anything at those ultrasonic frequencies, while artifacts created by filtering at 22kHz (used with 44.1kbps material) can still be audible...
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  10. itchyears
    I think it maybe a bit like amazon giving prime free every few months, amount of people that must either pay 99p might be in the millions or forget to cancel towards the expiry date, defiantly not complaining :)
  11. itchyears
    Is exclusive mode that important ? I enabled it in my Tidal Hifi settings but deezer hi-fi does not have it sadly, I don't think I noticed any difference in audio quality.

    I am still playing around with Tidal and Deezer hifi but I think Deezer edges it due to the search and popular ranked songs listings, it just makes music searching and picking the top 10 or 50 more easier but I do like Tidal still.
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  12. exdmd
    Both Qobuz and Tidal would not have exclusive mode if it was not audibly superior to shared mode.

    Whether you can hear the difference between Qobuz in exclusive mode and Amazon Music HD in shared mode depends on how resolving your system is, also how critical a listener you are. I cancelled Amazon Music HD and kept Qobuz.

    I also had Tidal for a while and had no problem with the sound quality, just did not like the emphasis on MQA and genres I don't listen to. Qobuz at $14.99 a month now in the US is a no brainer for me. I hope our friends in UK and EU also get a discount soon.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  13. itchyears

    Exclusive it is, may have to give Qobuz studio a try they do have a free 1 month trial also:

  14. tomwoo
    Qobuz and TIDAL w/ exclusive mode sound better to me. Maybe it's just placebo effect. Who knows. :smile_phones:
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  15. exdmd
    I don't believe It is placebo. Windows sound mixer is known to degrade sound quality and without exclusive mode Amazon Music HD is not giving you bit perfect playback. Using exclusive mode the Windows sound kernel is bypassed and the streamed file goes straight to your external DAC without up or down sampling.

    Wasapi exclusive mode is built in to Windows 10 for heavens sake, all Amazon's engineers had to do was code the app to take advantage of it. They could also open their API to aftermarket players like Roon or Audirvana if they did not want to make changes. Considering the poor GUI, mismatched tracks on albums and lack of exclusive mode it looks like they are just providing a product that is "good enough" for their Echo Studio speakers.

    Even though Qobuz has been around longer than Tidal their Windows desktop app occasionally hangs up or stutters on playback. This seems to be somewhat computer dependent. Tidal used to be notorious for buggy playback especially on MQA files. Right now it seems there are fewer complaints about the Tidal desktop app than Qobuz. Regardless, if you are having playback problems with either Tidal or Qobuz all you need is the $75 Audirvana player which is rock solid.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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