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Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gemNeye, Apr 26, 2019.
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  1. Killeen
    Recieved an email offer, early Black Friday deal
  2. exdmd
    This link takes you to the £1.99/4 months in UK offer for Tidal HiFi. It is $1.99 in the US. It is being advertised as a Tidal Black Friday deal at whathifi.com.

    Edit: just realized Tidal does have an affiliate program and the original link I posted appears to be one. Changed to the same https://tidal.com/offers/blackfriday @Left Channel posted below, it works both in US and GB only the currency changes. Offer for new users only.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  3. Soundizer
    Thank you, found it. But it states i am not eligible. My current trial ends 10 of December and had cancelled it due to arrival of Amazon.

    It states i am not eligible.
  4. exdmd
    Well sorry to hear that. You probably aren't eligible since you already cancelled a trial.
  5. Left Channel
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  6. greenblured
    Qobuz-subscriber here. Why? The best sound quality . Simple, saving pennys (or say 100 £) a year for less sound quality is a no go for me. I want the best possible sound quality and will pay premium for that! And I h*** Amazone.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
  7. Brava210
    Just use a different email address to re register?
    Ive done this in the past with tidal
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  8. Soundizer
    I am always interested in the best Sound Quality, but how can you be sure Qobuz is best? To me TIDAL sounds better than Amazon Music HD, but not tried Qobuz. Qobuz doesn’t discount in UK and charged a massive £25 a month.
  9. Soundizer
    Thank you, nice one. Just did that and got the deal you are a SuperStar
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  10. brianlg
    On the Desktop app, has anyone selected the Automatically Import Music From [folder] in settings? I'm wondering if this messes with tags in any way..
  11. itchyears

    People have been doing this for many years, its not difficult to register a new email address and re-register a new nick name and password. You can also close your account down that way you delete any info about your old account. Use different cc or paypals.

    You can do this on spotify, deezer and tidal I believe. Check hotuk deals and ebay out you see 99p deals or £1.99 popping up time to time and I also believe ebay do tidal hi-fi accounts for 99p for 1-2 months sometimes.

    You can also import your playlist to the new accounts or any platform say tidal to deezer:


    I use this one also:


    you can import to plain text so its universal in that way even a years time if you had no accounts when you sign up just import your plain text playlist onto any platform.

    So far I prefer deezer hifi, tidal hi fi is very good quality though but I am not seeing as great searches with it not tried Amazon hd out but I know they showed some promos recently here:

  12. originalsnuffy
    Android type question here. As I understand it, Android left to its own devices is limited to 24 bit 48 khz. is there a way to overcome that for use with Amazon HD? Like Neutron or UAPP or ??

    I was looking for a way to feed music from this app to my DAP. I am able to connect via the iphone, but there is a long delay in connecting to the DAP in DAC mode. So I thought it would be fun to experiment with Android. What I was able to do was connect to my Shanling M0 from a Kindle Fire 8 (2018 version). Used an OTG cable to make the connection. Everything fired up properly in the Fire 8 without any settings at all; thought I would have to go in to the USB settings but in fact those automatically greyed out when connected.

    But, and there is always a catch, the unit seems to be limiting the output to 24 bit 48khz. In fact the M0 says it was gettting 24 bit 44 khz. But the track says it was downloaded at a higher resolutionto I am trying to figure out a way to get that going.

    Probably a stopgap project until I just pick up a DAP that has all the features I want but in the meantime this makes sense.
  13. Left Channel
    There's no solution unless and until Amazon allows the developers of apps like Neutron and UAPP to access the Amazon API.
  14. Gus141
    When Amazon HD first came out, I thought, oh no this is the end of Qobuz and TIDAL. But Amazon’s lack of basic support for audiophile expectations (e.g. exclusive mode on desktop, or bit perfect to mobile DACs) is the best thing to happen to Qobuz and TIDAL. We can still vote with our wallets.
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  15. tomwoo
    Can't believe they let a bunch of amateurs run it...
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