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Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gemNeye, Apr 26, 2019.
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  1. Left Channel
    It's sad is what it is. None of these services are making money, and now the monopoly power of Amazon could put them out of business, leaving us with no choice except an inferior streaming product that Amazon is using it to boost hardware sales where they do make money.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
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  2. 3Putter
    When you cater to the masses on 'price' without focusing your marketing strategy on the quality of product you lose. I'm in Auto Repair and I can't win a battle with WalMart, big box stores, or any independent shop who markets 'We will beat anyone's price, guaranteed'. That is what the general population believes is the truth. If I'm Qobuz I market on best sound quality. If I'm Tidal I focus on sound quality, ease of operation, and inventory. But I will admit after these forum threads that I'm listening to all three and have become more confused than when I started. I can't have really high end gear and I'm just going to go with what sounds good to me and where I can find the most of what I enjoy.
  3. Tooros
    New users only I guess though.
  4. Tooros
    Nope. I’m back in. Same email and PayPal account. Thank you Tidal.
  5. Gus141
    One good thing is that Amazon didn’t adopt MQA, and their “monopoly power” could persuade the studios to stop wasting time (money?) doing MQA mastering/conversion of existing material. When that happens, TIDAL might fall back to normal High-Res audio in order to stay competitive with the services delivering normal high-res material.

    In other words, Amazon Music HD could spell the end for MQA. In my opinion, that’s a good thing, and I hope Qobuz survives that shake up (heck, I hope TIDAL survives too, just without MQA).

  6. Left Channel
    I've no love for MQA, but if Amazon had enough power over the labels to put MQA out of business, that would be an example of why we still have antitrust laws, weakened though they may be. Or worse for us, if they put MQA out of business by putting Tidal out of business, using monopolistic vertical integration to subsidize a money-losing streaming business unit until it kills off the competition, then offering us only an inferior music app with no Exclusive Mode, and probably raising prices after the competition is gone. Don't get me started... :)
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  7. exdmd
    It is not just hard core audiophiles who are unhappy with the sound quality and performance of Amazon Music HD. Spend some time browsing the Amazon Music Forum and there are plenty of complaints. The main problem is Amazon has no customer service and no one seems to know what their roadmap for the future is, other than they are definitely interested in pushing hardware. If you remember how buggy Tidal was three years ago Amazon Music HD actually is arguable a better service now than Tidal was then considering it was just launched two months ago. The sound quality is just not comparable to Qobuz or Tidal. It should not be a big deal for them to enable exclusive mode, they have competent engineers and also have the money to hire anyone they need. All we can do is vote with our credit cards and support Qobuz and Tidal.
  8. Left Channel
    I was just reading about problems with the Amazon Fire TV Recast. It was launched without many features users take for granted on competing products, and Amazon has been very slow to add any of those features. Amazon has also been slow to fix serious bugs, for example playback of a recorded show freezing on a blank screen when another recording starts, which was first reported last February in a very long thread on their support forum.

    I'm beginning to suspect a trend here...
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  9. tomwoo
    Considering what Amazon did to Brick-and-Mortar department stores, I don't think Tidal/Qobuz/Deezer will have any chance against it...Technically they don't any edge over Amazon other than exclusive mode, which is not exactly rocket science. :)
  10. Left Channel
    Specialty brick-and-mortars are surviving against Amazon just fine, as they did against the first wave of re-consolidation — chain stores like Barnes & Noble — and I think Qobuz has a chance at doing the same. I'm more worried about Tidal, as their largest market segments are less specialized and more price-sensitive.
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  11. tomwoo
    I agree, it would be a shame because Tidal has the best app IMHO.
  12. Soundizer
    Is that USA only?
  13. Soundizer
    There are no deals for Qobuz or Tidal in uk. So you have to pay ridiculous £25 Qobuz or £19.99 TIDAL HIFI.
    People will simply ditch that now unless they have Roon and stick with Amazon HD in the UK.

    TIDAL HIFI support is a joke in UK. They simply don’t respond to emails or online form questions.

    Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz might not be profitable, but doesn’t matter to key Owners/stakeholders as they pay themselves a very high salary and can sell the Company as long as the value is high = subscriber count + subscribers data. Amazon was not profitable for over a decade, but still made the Ceo the richest man.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
  14. Killeen
    Subbed Tidal yesterday £1.99 for 4 month in UK .
    Amazon HD cancelled .
  15. Soundizer
    How did you get that? Do you have a link.
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