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Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gemNeye, Apr 26, 2019.
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  1. Tooros
    I agree with the above. Tidal’s ‘not on the front page’ offering is huge and caters for just about everything I searched for. I do get the sentiments further up though. The front page has almost nothing on it of the slightest interest to me and it does, without doubt, annoy me and feels like it’s pushing content my way that I have zero interest in (Not so much the hip-hop per se, but the swathes of instant pop etc). It did feel as was said ‘not for me.’
    I took a leave from tidal to try the 90 day amazon trial and it has exactly the same issue. It’s nearly over and I’m unsure where to go next. I do have Apple Music for all the family and their plethora of devices so I may retire in there. See what happens down the line. I’m not so fired up about the hirez thing. I just want CD quality streaming.
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  2. GlennDS
    Maybe when I retire I'll have the luxury of extra time for searching for tracks and then making my own playlists. But currently I don't have the time or inclination.

    I want the music app to see what music I like and I want it to automatically play songs that I like (similar to Amazons's My Soundtrack radio station or Deezer's Flow radio station). Sure I could just tell the app to play all of the tracks in my own library (I have over 5.000 tracks that I own and have downloaded from CDs, and I have several more thousand tracks that I have 'liked'), but then I am listening to the same tracks over and over, I want the app to introduce me to new tracks that I may like. But the music app needs to be smart enough.
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  3. Soundizer
    To my ears there is a significant difference in sound quality between Amazon HD vs TIDAL HIFI for same albums. Tidal wins every time = smoother, less shouty in mids, more depth and just sweeter all round.
  4. Soundizer
    Unfortunately TIDAL Customer service has become a joke. They are taking more than 7 days to reply to my messages. All i am asking for is deal for 12months for HIFI subscription.
  5. Andrew_WOT
    After trying Tidal, Qubuz, Deezer, and Amazon HD, Deezer app was the best with recommendations and flows.
    But their hi-fi tier is also shared mode and there is no way to tell if you are getting flac or mp3 as they removed that indicator.
  6. Left Channel
    They've done a lot of licensing agreements in the USA since launch, and I'd be happy to search for a few artists for you. At the launch of Qobuz USA I specifically looked for a couple of Canadian and European artists just to push the envelope, and since then have seen big improvements in filling in the gaps I found. In addition, the USA GM has promised (on another forum) all or most of the remaining missing titles I asked about will show up within a few weeks.
  7. bfreedma
    If you're willing, could you see if Qobuz has the following artists? They weren't there when I originally trialed:

    The Aristocrats (The Govan/Beller/Minnemann version, not the older band)
    Scale the Summit

    Modern prog prog/fusion was a pretty big gap.

    Much appreciated!
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  8. Left Channel
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  9. bfreedma
  10. 3Putter
    That is interesting. I was looking at The Sheepdogs and one other that Tidal has almost all albums. I appreciate the offer to help. Not sure why I wouldn't be able to find an artist by typing in their name. Is there a way to find more releases of an artist when the first search only shows two albums?
  11. Left Channel
    Results for The Sheepdogs on Qobuz, posted in the Qobuz thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/qobuz-lossless-streaming-service-thread.856101/page-64#post-15313393
  12. clerkpalmer
    Hi, can you explain the process of connecting the iPhone to something like the shanling to play amazon music files? Is this basically utilizing the shanling as a usb dac? Any advantages or disadvantages to this versus something like a dragonfly red? Thanks.
  13. originalsnuffy
    Connecting an iphone to an external DAC is a bit of black magic. In general; the most important thing is to obtain the latest generation of the Apple Camera Connecting Kit. That one has input for external power. The old kit generally won't work; you will get power error messages. Keep in mind that you will have to actually power this connector for things to work!

    Once you have that wired up; put the device into DAC mode as opposed to USB mode. That is really it. Only issue; at least on my phone the first connection of the day takes about 30 seconds. So you have to be patient.

    As far as using a portable DAP in DAC mode vs. a dedicated DAC goes I will offer the famous YMMV comment. I don't know about the dragonfly; but I know people like it. The Shanling M2S that I primarily use is just fine to my ear. But that is a whole 'nuther discussion around here. I

    have also tried out my Shanling M0 and that worked also but in my car the sound signature of the M2S seems to be a better match. Also the M2S seems to be less prone to picking up stray electronic noises.

    Keep in mind that I am drawing power from the car's lighter connection which can be a source of noise or ground loops. I did put a ground loop isolator between the DAP and the car and that helped a very small amount.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
  14. originalsnuffy
    It seems that the general opinion here is that Tidal and Qobuz sound better than Amazon HD. I suspect that if that is objectively provable it would be due to artifacts introduced by the app and not from the source material. I really doubt Amazon would monkey with the digital files they receive.

    I also have my doubts that the quality concerns are objectively provable. I bet that in a true blind test most of us could not tell the sources apart. (Food fight then ensues).
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  15. a-LeXx
    I‘m pleased to report that with an iOS app version 9.3.0 released today all bugs that I reported have been fixed:

    1st and most important, streaming works now, the quality no longer drops to ‚standard‘ after about a minute and a half of playback
    2nd, iPod touch 6th gen has now enough power to play Ultra-HD content, previously it would be stuttering.
    3rd, looks like overall power consumption is now less, to be validated....

    At last the app is really usable now.

    Edit: confirm the power consumption / battery life is much better now. Even my iPod touch stays absolutely cool while streaming 24/192 UHD content, previously it was getting really hot.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
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