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Does the Kindle have native support for PDF?

The larger version does. Originally, it only supported ones that had DRM I think but there are no longer any restrictions mentioned about the pdf viewing on Amazon's website now.

Personally, I would get the Kindle DX over the Sony. Large screen with better image, the ability to interface with the Amazon marketplace as well as the ability to view books from just about any other e-book retailer (since many use MOBI), plus it has basic internet surfing too. I have not gotten one since I live outside the US but I did get to use the original Kindle when a friend showed me his and I liked the experience a lot. My only complaint was the fact that the screen's background did not reflect as much light as normal paper would. Still, it seems like the Kindle is just one more generation away from being really good. The lack of features for the PDF viewer hopefully would be fixed in the next iteration (or just a firmware update) for example.
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Kindle 2 is a bit slimmer.

Check Amazon's outlet section. You can get refurbs for $149.
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hey guys, what's the different between kindle 1 and kindle 2 beside the keyboard?

Kindle 2 has no SD card slot, but does text-to-speech. Those are the only things I remember being really relevant.
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Memory isn't a big deal. I have about 200 books on my Kindle 2 and still have almost 1 GB.

I've also put a whole series of the Bone graphic novel on it. Black and White works best. I've tried colored comic books but it shows up as grey scale and not so well.
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Kindle 2 = $299 at the top of this forum page as I write this.

I bought the Kindle 2 when it first came out (50th I am an avid reader, sci-fi, fantasy, Clive Cussler, Robin Cook and many others.

I do like the way you can sync an amazon purchased book (even the free ones) with my iPhone, and read it when I am waiting for a few minutes here and there.

I get books mainly from Amazon, and the Baen site. Both of these will have books free, usually books a bit older, and the first one or 2 in a series, then I buy the others to finish the series if I like it. A lot of public domain materiel can be downloaded.

PDF is readable on the Kindle 2 via the "experimental" section which also has a web browser and the text to speach programs. The kindle 2 can also store and playback MP3 files, even while you are reading a book.

I thoroughly enjoy mine. The screen is easy to read if you have light, and easy on the eyes. When the Microsoft book and Apple 7 inch screens come out as active displays, their battery life will stink. The Kindle 2, with the wireless turned off, will run for several weeks for me, reading a couple hours a day.

They big advantage for an active screen is that they will be readable in the dark, as on a plane without having the overhead reading light on. Of course you can get smaller lights to light the Kindle 2 as well.
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The Kindle 2 is $259 as of today, with a new global wireless one released for $279, which basically just opens up a larger market for the Kindle, but as I understand it, doesn't change anything from the current model if you're US based. I had just bought a refurbished one two days ago, and hope to have it tomorrow. I had a chance to check out a fellow head-fiers Kindle on the plane back from the NC meet last month and really liked it. My bookshelves are overflowing and book are piling up everywhere. I checked out the Kindle book selection, and a lot of the books I read for work are available, and so I think I can get my boss to help out with this one.
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Quick question: since I've never seen the Kindle in real life, is the screen readable under direct sunlight? Also, is the internet connection by wifi?
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I would definitely go for a Kindle, and I am personally considering it.
Especially not that Amazon have announced that it will be up for sale "allover" the world, with free 3G wireless network access anywhere.
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Can the kindle's account be shared accross multiple devices?

One of the reasons I am leaning towards the Sony eReader would be to share books with my girlfriend - I don't want to pay twice for the same book on two devices...?

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Originally Posted by DeusEx /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Quick question: since I've never seen the Kindle in real life, is the screen readable under direct sunlight? Also, is the internet connection by wifi?

VERY readable in sunlight. First time I saw it last year (Kindle 1) in Mexico, someone was reading it on the beach. That got me hooked.

No wifi, but honestly, in the US, the Sprint works great. Outside the US, I just download my content (newspaper) and load it via USB.
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I got my Kindle today, and downloaded a bunch of free books (good selection for my tastes), and a couple for work. I'm really liking it so far, and really really like that I can adjust the font size for my not-so-young eyes.

I'd also ordered this case (mine's in navy):


It locks the Kindle into place so it won't fall out, and doesn't add enough weight to be an issue, and it still fits right into my purse.

I haven't yet checked out the speech feature, where you can plug in headphones and it will read the text to you, and expect that might be more of a novelty feature for me, and not something actually useful.

which has a place for a light, so the lack of backlighting won't bother me in the rare times that might be an issue for me (e.g., plane, no lamp near enough).


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