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Amazon Basics, Audioquest, Morrow audio RCA cables Compared

  1. legion1capone
    Before we start:
    I am no expert in sound engineering or do I have any access to measurement test rigs or anything of that nature. What I do have is my love of this hobby and my ears. I am still learning terms and descriptive lingo, so go easy on me. I've been into audio/video ever since I was a kid. It's always been with me and I'll never stop listening or looking for the next best thing. Below is my take on cables that I have in my system.

    My setup:
    I am using my PC that I built myself. I run my audio from my motherboard into my Geshelli Labs Enog2 Pro DAC which is then connected with the cables to be compared “reviewed” into my Geshelli Labs Archel Pro headphone amp. The headphones I used for this comparison are the ZMF classics. Which are essentially one of the best modded T50RP MK3's made, in my opinion. Everything is plugged into my Furman M8DX power conditioner. I also have an Aune X1S, JDS Labs OL DAC, Massdrop SDAC, Aune X7S, Aune XP1 power supplies for both, Monoprice liquid spark, Schiit audio Magni 2U, and a total collection of 5 headphones so far.

    Amazon Basics RCA cable:
    This is a good cable quality cable for a cheap price. I like the connectors and how easy it is to differentiate between left and right with them being easily color coded. These sound smooth and easy to listen to. But they lack detail are slightly muddy, not fast and the dynamics are not as good as the others.

    Audioquest G snake RCA cable:
    These are a braided fabric cable and have held up well over the years of use. I have no issues with the connectors but the left and right cables could be labeled a little better. These open up a little more than the Amazon basics. They are a bit better with dynamics and have faster transient response compared to the Amazon basics. I would say they are ever so slightly more detailed compared to the Amazon basics. They are still a little muddy like the Amazon basics. I should note both of these would fit into most any system and I've been very happy with them in my system. Never saw either as an issue. Well until the morrow audio MA3 **** all over them.

    Morrow Audio MA3 RCA cable:
    I'll start off my saying these are by far the most money I've spent on a cable and am still burning them in. But it has been a few days now and I've had my system running almost day and night. They have nice connectors but they are not very easy to identify left and right in low light as one is red the other black (unlike the others distinquished with red and white). I don't like the sheeth covering the cable at all its way to big and loose fitting over the wire itself but whatever. As for the sound... wow. Honestly switching between these and the other 2 cables is a big enough difference that I will likely be purchasing a few more pair soon. I honestly didn't think they would make a big difference and yet they have. They sound so natural, everything sounds so controlled and percise. They have fantastic transient response and have excellent dynamics. The way it helps paint the picture of your music is truly beautiful. They help you hear the little nuances and details in your music that you may have otherwise missed. I could here most the details in the tracks I was listening to with the other cables but they never sounded as they where in their own space or very defined. The details would be covered up by the full and slightly muddied sound of the other two cables.

    Both the Amazon basic and entry level Audioquest cables could easily fit in a lower end system no problem. **** I've been using them for awhile now. They have a full sound to them but lack ultimate detail, dynamics and fast transient response. To me that's part of what makes music so fun. Being able to hear those small nuances in the music like the Morrow MA3 allows, I feel is a worthy step up. To some people it may not be worth the investment. If you have a lower end system then you may not be able to fully benefit from upgrading to more expensive cables. But if this is a hobby and you consider yourself an audiophile, I would say at least consider doing your own listening tests. Let your own ears be the judge. If you don't hear a difference awesome! You just saved yourself hundreds of dollars lol. Also cables will not OMG change your system for better or worse from what I'm hearing. What it will do is help you shape the sound to achieve your own personal audiophile goals. Hope that makes sense. Happy listening!

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