Amazing tacos despite the bugs
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Headphoneus Supremus
May 24, 2006
So I just ate at this run down looking dodgy Mexican joint. I sat at the counter and ordered 3 beef tongue tacos and it was outstanding. The ladies did not speak English but they basically understood me. The meat was soft, moist and juicy. The cilantro was fresh and bright green and not wilted like how you see at other bad places. The hot sauce was perfect and made on the premises with the right balance of heat and flavor.

As soon I was finished with my last bite, about 10 bugs that looked like little crickets or baby roaches crawled on the counter and one of them crawled on to my empty plate. Another bug crawled on my shirt. These bugs were aggressive as they eagerly crawled around my empty plate.

I did not say anything nor did I complain. The tacos were excellent.
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Yeah I agree. For the benefit of the workers, there should be something done at least. It was pretty surreal and probably the most bizarre dining experience.
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In Los Angeles, the health department assigns a A/B/C letter rating to all restaurants, and the restaurant is required to post the large placard with the rating at the front door. Most restaurants get an "A" rating. There was a sushi restaurant near where I worked that had a "C" rating. I always wondered who was stupid enough to eat there - and then I figured it was just another example of Evolution in Action...

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