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Am I wrong to be leery of amps w/ li-ion built-in batts?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by hanafuda, Jan 19, 2010.
  1. wantmyf1
    Yet something else to think about when selecting an amp. Thanks to the OP for bringing this up!
  2. neco
    Man I was almost set on buying a RSA P-51 Mustang but this issue concerns me as well. I want to buy an amp that later on could be considered vintage or classic etc. The other amp I was considering due to this issue was the RSA SR71A but it's definitely a larger setup considering I would want to use it in a portable setting once in a while. In the end I think it would be great to have this amp for 10+ years and still be enjoying a well crafted piece of engineering.
  3. unclejr
    The Shadow and perhaps other RSA amps has a 3 year warranty that includes the battery. That gives me some confidence. I suspect RSA and others will have a solution for this in the future.

    Of course, let's just hope that the next gen of amps has a manual hand crank so we don't have to worry about all these battery questions!
  4. mookowz13
    a coupl;e portables that have an easily replaceable LIon battery are the offerings form Leckerton Audio. It comes out just like a AA battery and cells can be purchased for relatively cheap on e-bay

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