Am I crazy? (iMetal 590 vs Klipsch X10)
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New Head-Fier
Jan 14, 2013
Having used my SR60i on ears almost exclusively for a few days, it's not surprising that the X10s seemed troublesomely dark when I first tried them.  After a day or two of listening to the X10s, I grew to like them a lot, though going back and forth between them and the Grados involves a bit of an adjustment period.  Then I put a new plug on my broken iMetal 590s that I was replacing - and I really think the sound is better out of them than the X10s.  Tighter, less boomy bass, and more extended on both ends.  Is there something I'm missing about the X10s that I may grow to appreciate?  
Also, is there a way to secure the cable out of the new plug?  There is a metal coil coming out for protection but it's much bigger than the ear bud cable and the only things holding the wire in are the tiny wires that are soldered into the plug.  

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