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Aluminum headphone stands

  1. smodtactical
    All the other threads are quite old so I thought I would start fresh. Some headphone stands I am considering.

    Woo audio:
    https://wooaudio.com/accessories/hps (the double stand, problem is shipping to Canada is very high)



    Corsair RGB stand:

    DIY Pipe

    Any thoughts?
  2. Rhamnetin
    Ultimately just go with what looks best to you. They'll all do the job of holding the headphone... I'd hope.
  3. smodtactical
    I ended up getting 3 satechi holders and they are really nice. Very solid and sturdy and have a built in usb hub which is really convenient!
    Best for my Sennheiser hps.
    Solid amd lightweight, modern looking 20180819_115357.jpg
  5. dB Cooper
    Figured I'd share my home made attempt. New to the forum, new to the headphone scene but won't be out done when it comes to the resting place for my new Jubilees. It's a Grade 5 Titanium base and rod with a old pine dowel as the rest. If you look closely, there's space for a second pair... of course something will have to be done about that.


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