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Alternatives to THX AAA789

  1. Focux
    Looking at Schiit's line-up (Magni - Valhalla),

    intend to use Mojo as DAC

    alternatively, if say the Jotunheim (or another model) has a better DAC, i'm open to that option too

    cans i'd like to drive are 650, LCD series , HD800S

    thanks all =)
  2. buke9
    Well I’ll be getting a Schiit Pack on Monday for a meet next Saturday and will have a Jot with Multibit dac along with a Lyr3, Ragnarok and a Magni3 and have the 6xx’s,HD-800’s,LCD 2 Closed Backs ,LCD-4z’s as well as a Chord Mojo so after Monday I might be able to give you some impressions on those combos. There also will be a THX AAA 789 at the meet.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019

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