Alternatives to the iPod
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Sep 9, 2007
I got a 2G ipod nano about a year and a half ago and my tiny music collection has grown to a point where I think it is going to outgrow the nano soon and on top of that I am considering storing as much of my music as possible in a lossless format. Now I know all of the advantages of other player and pleanty of things like that. However I do have a few questions about general functions that may not be advertized. For example how do all of the current popular players do with making playlists? I only use playlist that are very broad and like to be able to put songs in multiple playlists, however on my psp which I used as my first player I could only put each song in one playlist folder thing without having to copy it and have it take up double the space, do drag and drop players have easy to manage playlist functionality, most of my playlists are 40-300+ songs long.

Also this may be a fairly uncommon feature but which mp3 players have lyrics support? I have always planned to one day put all the lyrics for my songs into itunes for my iPod, but I don't know if other players even support lyrics so that I can see them while listening to my music.

Edit: Also do programs other than itunes store the date that the song was added to them and is there any way to edit this data so that I might keep the data that iTunes currently has which lets me see when I got music and how it was added to my collection?

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