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alternatives for sennheiser momentum on-ear for my samsung galaxy s2

  1. hema
    my source is samsung galaxy s2
    i'm considering to buy momentum on-ears.. looking for considerable alternatives to use with my phone..
    i use poweramp and neutron... mostly neutron music player
  2. Vyere
    I hear Sony MDR-1R performs well unamped. 
  3. hema
    yeah.. 'coz of its low impedance(24)?
  4. Vyere
    Yeah, that and some people also recommended it to me and I've read some reviews, including the one here in head-fi. Generally you'd like to get headphones within 16-64 ohms, at least according to my research, if you wanna use it on portable devices. 
  5. hema
    i got momentum on -ear 'coz of its solid 2 year warranty
    sony has 1 year warranty
  6. oscar777
    +1 momentum

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