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Alternative to Shanling M0 and Sony NW-A45

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Baam, Jan 14, 2019.
  1. Baam
    Hey there!

    So, I got a Shanling M0 and I like it... Except the battery, which I find too poor plus I really miss some physical buttons for blind pressing while in my jacket's pocket. So with that in mind, after reading the Sony NW-A45 was not an upgrade but a "sidegrade", I went ahead and bought it and received it today just to return it.

    I loved Sony's physical buttons, maybe too big but I'm sure I could get used to the size. Problem is I find the volume output WAY lower than the Shanling and, worst of all, the damn database gets recreated every single boot, What!? 30 full seconds of wait before I start listening to music.

    Yeah, I'm a lazy impatient bastard but hey, that's who I am. So, under 130 euros (up to go up to ~150 if totally worthy), is there any other DAP that would give best of both worlds aka physical buttons, good power and long lasting battery?

  2. ColdsnapBry
    What's wrong with the Shanling M0 battery life? It has 15 hours with Mp3s. Wish there was more options with battery life over 12, but it's very slim pickings.
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  3. milesjunkie
    Tera Player seems like a good option.

    For 130 euro you could rent one for a week!
  4. Baam
    Find them to be few. As the Sony can get up to 45 hours (3x Shanling), I thought there should be any other similar option, lol.

    Has no screen, don't like it. Even if it was 130 euros for a lifetime.

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