Alternative to Drop X MrSpeakers Ether CX
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Apr 25, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I have come to the conclusion that my Ethers are just not for me and I'm ready to sell them. So I'm in the market for a new set of closed backs in the $1000 range.

The problem with the Ethers was that I just found them boring and dull - Josh Valour on YouTube said they were excruciatingly neutral and not very musical, and I agree. Audio professionals may find them useful, but everything I threw at them just came out lifeless and disappointing.

I like to listen to chamber music, orchestral, blues, funk, jazz, classic rock, pop, and electronic music. I want to hear detail, presence, strength, fullness, and texture in the music. My favorite open back headphone is the Drop X Focal Elex.

I'm looking at Focal Elegia, Audeze LCD-2 closed back, and Shure SRH-1540. What are the pros and cons of these in terms of what I like to hear? Any other suggestions?
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You might look into and read about the ZMF line and see if there is one there that might potentially be of interest. Not dull. That said, I share some of your musical tastes and in my opinion, finding a single headphone that is strong with both chamber, for example, and electronica, is a bit of a tall order. Such different requirements. Just my take and you may disagree. Anyway, might be worth a read.

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