altec lansing UHP306. tell me about them.
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Feb 23, 2008
i'm really interested in getting these 'cause i had a pair of AL speakers that kicked ass and my brother had AL headphones which were amazing.

the only problem is i can't seem to find a single review on the internet (or anywhere really) so i'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these. i listen to indie/alternative rock mostly but there's some more quiet stuff in there too.

i'm living in australia so importing is takes a while and gets expensive, and i can't simply go into a store and try it out as i can't find them anywhere (unless i want a 300%-or-so markup). my location also makes returning them not an option.

anyone have or had a pair? can anyone help me out?
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Don't get too excited. Those are just rebranded Ultimate Ears' Metro.Fi 2, which you can find in Aussie's land for AU$100 or less.
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oh right. i'm an idiot.
well if i can import the ' 3 studio' earphones for $85 (92.5 AUD) shipped, that would be smarter than getting the ' 2' for $100 AUD (plus shipping) right?
what are either of the pairs like?
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UE 2 doesn't get a lots of attention here. There are lot of sub$100 IEM option that offer better SQ, noticeably UE's SF3, Etymotic ER6i, Denon AH-C700, Crossroads MylarOne X3i/XBi, Altec Lansing iM716.. and maybe other that I can't recall now.

You can easily find them recommended in the first few pages in this forum with threads titled as 'help me find IEM for $100' or something like that

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