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  1. roadcykler
    Bought a Zen Head ZH-1 amp from this Head-Fi'er and everything went great. Outstanding communication and shipping. Even included a small bonus item.
  2. jpstereo
    Bought my ESW9As. Superb transaction and quick payment. An absolute gentleman to deal with. Thanks David.
  3. filipelli
    Purchased a pair of Yuin Pk2s from David. Fast communication and shipped fast - next day via Priority. Received the yuins in the exact condition he described. Great head-fier. Thanks!
  4. obentou
    Bought PK1's from David - great guy, quick communication and shipped the earphones well-packaged. Thanks again!

  5. J-Pak
    I sold alphaphoenix a Creek amp, great transaction.
  6. MadDog
    alphaphoenix aka david was very courteous, friendly and best of extremely prompt during our transaction. I would love to deal with him again....

    tks, david! .....................maddog
  7. cclragnarok
    David bought a pair of Grado RS1i from me. He paid very quickly and was great to deal with throughout the transaction. Highly recommended! [​IMG]
  8. hawker800mech
    David bought a pair of Denon 1001 from me. It was a great transaction! Hope you enjoy the cans.
  9. peepee-king
    I purchased a pair of Woodee IEMs off David. It was a very prompt and easy transaction which couldn't have been any smoother. Thanks!
  10. Hanh
    Bought JVC Victor FX500 from alphaphoenix. Good communication and lightning shipping. Highly recommended.
  11. TenaciousO
    David purchased a pair of Monster Turbine earphones from me, and it was an absolute pleasure. Quick payment and great communication - couldn't ask for more.
  12. The Big Sleep
    David bought my Corda 2MOVE and I cant say anything but positives, great HeadFi'er!
  13. peepee-king
    Bought a vintage black Grado SR325 off David. This was my second time buying off him and it was another flawless transaction. Thanks!
  14. T.IIZUKA
    The present baggage reached.
    (Mini3 with Millet Starving Student headphone amp PCB & pair 19J6 Tubes)

    The sound of mini3 was put out. Good sound has come out.
    As for Tube and PCB you think that there is no problem.

    Thank you.[​IMG]
  15. tonyfiore75
    I sold David a pair of Sennheiser IE8s recently. He was very professional, courteous and pleasant to deal with in every step of the way. Prompt decision to buy, immediate payment and interaction throughout. David is a great example of a person you'd be lucky to deal with on Head-Fi.

    HIGHLY recommended!

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