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ALO Rx Mk3-B Balanced Portable Headphone Amplifier (Free Shipping US Only)

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  1. Steve Eddy
    For Sale
    Purchased this earlier in the year with the idea of modifying it for balanced out only using a 4 pin mini-XLR but just haven't had the time and not likely to in the foreseeable future. Right now I need space more than a portable headphone amp so this is the first to go up in the sell/give/throw away reorganization project.
    The unit is in mint condition with less than an hour's time on it. Didn't feel like dragging the camera out this morning so the photo's just something off the web. If anyone insists, I'll be happy to take some photos of the actual unit when I have time.
    Also if anyone's interested in pursuing the 4 pin mini-XLR mod, I'll be happy to provide the preliminary drawings I made for the faceplate as well as drawings for the two other custom parts that would need to be fabricated.
  2. Doralikesmath
  3. noxway
    Pm'ed too
  4. Mcberto
    Pm sent.
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