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ALO Pan Am desktop/portable headphone amp/DAC: Impressions and Reviews

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by shigzeo, Sep 6, 2012.
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  1. koolas

    You say, you get distortion beyond 12 o'clock with lcd2 and hd800?
    How would you compare lcd2 vs. hd800 when Pan Am is apming them?
  2. TontonJoK
    Never heard any clipping or distortion with the pan am, just saying if I listen too loud I get tinnitus for an hour or 2

    Lcd 2 is fantastic with EDM and Hd 800 for acoustics, great combo
  3. nicdub
    I have been searching for the output power of the Pan Am, but haven't had much luck. Without searching through every page in this thread (or others), could anyone provide that information? I use it with the LCD2's, and find it drives them well, but am curious as to how much power it is actually delivering. Thanks in advance for the knowledge!
  4. TontonJoK
    max output level 22v
    max input power 3.5 watt rms
    Can't find more informations

    This little amp have a lot of juice to spare that's for sure !!
  5. JoeDoe
    Any other Pan Am users rockin HE500s out there?
  6. nicdub

    I actually don't prefer the Pan Am with the HE-500, and find myself gravitating to the Dacport when I listen to them.
  7. TontonJoK
    I prefer the pan am + hd 800 combo over the lcd2
  8. BattousaiX26
    For HE500 I like the Pan Am with the mullards tube for more bass body :)
  9. TontonJoK
    Just a question
    Just received the Gateway, do you leave it in standby mode when pan am turned off or do you shut both gears ??
  10. TontonJoK
    When the pan am is off the gateway led turned green, if I leave it like this it shouldn't be a problem , right ???
  11. nicdub

    I turn both off but often think it wouldn't matter if I left the gateway in standby mode. Haven't read that it makes a difference either way.
  12. R Scott Ireland

    Many of my headphones do not love the Mullards, but wow, the LCD-X sounds fantastic with them.
  13. BattousaiX26
    Now I really want to try the X with the mullards. I have only tried RTC tube with the X which I don't like, too bright and a little bit thin sounding for me.
  14. R Scott Ireland

    Do try the X's with the Mullards and let us know what you think.

    I'm listening to the LCD-3C with the Mullards today, and they also sound very, very good.
  15. TontonJoK
    Rtc's are nice with hd800, I prefer them over Mullards :D
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