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ALO Pan Am desktop/portable headphone amp/DAC: Impressions and Reviews

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by shigzeo, Sep 6, 2012.
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  1. TontonJoK
    I use mine a lot so it won't last forever :D
  2. muah
    Can I check if when buying the Passport if it comes with a separate wall plug type 12 volt supply to charge the Passport or I have to use the wall plug charger from my Pan Am?

  3. TontonJoK
    I think so, I bought mine used but only one power supply
  4. HiFiRobot
    I bought the Pan Am, Gateway and Passport. Only got one 12V power supply.
    - Pan Am - included 12V power supply
    - Gateway - US power Cable, 3 lengths of 12v cable
    - Passport - 3 lengths of 12v cable
    The cardboard box that the Passport is in does not even have room for a power supply.
  5. TontonJoK
    Do you as R Scott Ireland, not perceive any sounding difference between gateway and passport ?
  6. TontonJoK
    I asked a question to Alo about shipping and then will probably order the Gateway from them
    and some RTC tubes at the same time :biggrin:

    If someone want to sell a gateway to me it's fine too
  7. WhiskeyJacks
    I use the Gateway with the PanAm I notice the difference between the wallwart psu that it comes with normally. I have to say also the RTC French tubes they sell are exceptional in air, space, clarity, and top end detail. I love them. I think having them and set of either Cifte's or Mullards is a great way to go. I am actually on the verge of selling my PanAm only have owned it for a month or so, but been looking at something balanced for the HE-560. It literally was bought in september if anyone is interested in owning one let me know. 

    I just do not know what to get for a desktop unit because the PanAm it sounds great. It is one of the better amps I have heard out there. 
  8. TontonJoK
    audio gd or violectric and lots others

    If you want to sell your gateway alone :D
  9. WhiskeyJacks
    Lol dude I am on the verge of buying a audio gd when I have the money but not sure which I can get, I want a balanced one that I can used with the balanced he560 cables. 
  10. TontonJoK
    Nfb 28
  11. JoeDoe
    Anyone else using an aftermarket power cable for their Pan Am? I've never bought into cables being able to improve what I hear, but this little Volex may be changing that... Will get back to you guys.
  12. koolas

    Wow, you convinced me! I am pretty sure Passport cannot output 1A, and I'm almost certain this is why it's not sufficient to provide enough power for my Sylvanias to power up Alpha Dogs to their deafening sound level without distortion.

    So, I definitely must try Gateway to see if I will finally go deaf :)
  13. HiFiRobot

    Go easy man. You'll regret tinnitus everyday for the rest of your life. I have the french tubes but have not experienced any distorsion with my Lcd-2. Maybe the Sylvanias are more power hungry?
  14. koolas

    Ehh, I already have tinnitus everyday and night :D But only after long day of listening to the music loud. Recently I listen only at 11 o'clock, with all this TB chain that put it down by -8dB I think. With Telefunkens I don't hear any distortion - they sound like they were made exactly for Pan Am. Though Sylvanias give better control over bass and treble. Yes, they conduct more current than other tubes, and thus they are more power hungry.

    When I got my first Sylvanias they drained Passport in 4hrs on first day, now after burn-in Passport goes after 7-8hrs, and with Telefunkens for comparison it can last even 2 days.
  15. TontonJoK
    11 or 12 o'clock with lcd2 and 10 o'clock with hd 800 and it's loud enough both low gain further same issue :D
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