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  1. GrumbleFish
    Has anyone tried the new Green Line LOD? Seems more affordable than the other ones from ALO.

    Also, is there really a noticeable sound difference between an ALO cable and a cheaper one from say, Fiio? I have been using Fiio LODs for a couple of years now and they work, but they don't click in particularly well. The clips that hold it into the iDevice lose their spring. Would it be worth the extra money to upgrade to an ALO cable?

    Also, please don't yell at me if there are other threads about this. I couldn't find any threads about the new Green Line cables, so I started a new one.

  2. RingingEars
    I bought one of the nice looking LOD cable from that auction site from a Chinese vendor. It sounds like the Fiio and has a positive "click". You have to push the side buttons in to get it to release just like the Alo units.
    Go to the auction site and search for "ipod LOD cable" and a bunch of different ones will pop up.

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