ALO Jumbo Cotton V2 Review
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I have been meaning to write a proper review of this cable for some time now. I have owned it for about three months. I bought it from TTVJ. I am guessing it appeared on Ken's website for a brief time, and then they were all moved over to be stocked with Todd at his site. Who knows, just a guess. Anyway this is the cable that is sleeved in black techflex, with red heatshrink on both sides of the cable. The connectors are a black ipod dock connector with all pins pulled except for the ground and left and right channels. The mini connector is a canare F12. The guts of the cable consist of six 20 gauge solid silver conductors hand pushed through a thick 100% unbleached cotton dielectric. Fit an finish are second to none. In the past I have owned a Jumbo Cryo, and one of the original Cotton Docks. I loved the lush warm punchy sound that the Jumbo Cryo produced, and I miss it very much, the original Cotton Dock was my first introduction to a silver in cotton style cable. I loved the way it sounded, it was just an amazing cable. Anyway I was very excited to get my hands on the Jumbo Cotton V2. This cable is simply AMAZING! If you love silver in cotton, this is the cable for you. The sound is so big and bold for a silver cable it's incredible. There is no harshness whatsoever, it's as warm as the perfect copper conductor, but with all the wonderful qualities that only silver can produce. I am proud to say that this is definitely my reference cable for my portable rig. I use an ipod classic with an sr-71 and westone um2's. The bass is so tight, and chunky sounding, very warm, and tight. The mids are as liquid and hot as molten lava, and the upper frequencies sparkle like stars in a black night sky. This cable is wonderful, I would like to thank Ken for another incredible sounding piece of audio perfection.
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If you love this one, you'll DIE for the Imod Supercotton version. Use it with my 5.5g Imod and, as Waxman says, the sound is absolutely superb.

i know some will poo-poo at the idea of spending this kind of money on a cable, but to me, this is one more step in the pursuit of portable audio perfection.

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