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Jun 7, 2008
From ALO website

Our most compact Amplifier/DAC combo is also one of our most versatile. Drive anything from sensitive IEMs to power-hungry full sized headphones.
Connect to your computer to enjoy your favorite 24-bit tracks. It is all possible with The International+.

Balanced By Design
From start to finish, The International+ is a balanced design.
This means more dynamic musical swings and tons of extra power to drive the most challenging headphones.

24-bit DAC
Unlock the full potential of your high-resolution digital files with The International+'s reference grade Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip.

Android Support
New to The International+ we've added native Android device support.
Use an Android device as a digital source with the powerful amplifier and USB DAC of The International+.

Please share your impressions here guys...
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  Glad to see this thread : )
Still waiting my int+ delivery..

Mind to share your impression first ?

Hi... im also waiting for more user impressions before pulling the trigger... ehehehehhe... still on the fence at this moment:)
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I upgraded from an ALO Rx MkII (ALO) as this amp is more versatile.  It sounds really really good with my LCD-2s (on mid output level); has better rounded bass than the ALO and overall better balanced sound.
The fact that I can connect my iPad/iPhone via a CCK directly to the dac on the International+ AND also be used as an amp to connect to my 'old' iPod Classic/CLAS gives me the best of both portable worlds.
I also use the International+ with my AK100 and Hi-Res music files are almost on par with my desktop rig.  I can't imagine how the AK100 woould sound with Vinnie's AK100 mod.
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Also interested on this amp but I wish there was a thread with someone who compared these amps altogether against vorzamp pure II and apex glacier for the sound quality and driving most sensitive in-ears to 300Ω full size cans.
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Bump this thread,
Glad to know, the unit is clean enough for ba iem. Have nyone tried to use BA and SE output in the same time? I interested to get balance cable from my diy friend. How will BA out increase detail level to iem.

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