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ALO Audio RXMKIII Balanced Portable Amplifier Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by monotune, May 13, 2012.
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  1. Law87
    I felt the amp on the Alo Mk3B+ sound just a little bit better than the theorem 720, seems like vocal is 1-2db higher than the theorem, the theorem sound a little subdue albeit not much. wonderful device by two company.

    now I just have to decide keep the theorem 720 or keep the alo and CLAS-DB, choices choices....
  2. Masao
    Do you know if we can connect Alo audio rx mk3 with fiio x5 by min to min 3.5mm plug?
  3. Law87
    I dont have fiio x5 but I think you would risk the chance of double amping
  4. LFC_SL
    The Fiio X5 has a built-in line output
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  5. Masao
    Yes! Thank you.
  6. hawpunch
    Does anyone know of this amp gets RF interference from using it on an iPhone or other GSM phone? Thanks!
  7. Law87

    unfortunately yes it will, one way to mitigate is place your DAC between your phone and Alo...this works for me.
  8. Sound Eq
    what does it mean that the blue light sometimes blinks purple it happens with some songs very weird for example with the bon jovi song called burning bridges, i see the light blink purple with the beat in the song very very very weird
    i have connected 
    iphone--- ifi micro dsd ---- rca---- alo mk balanced---  balanced audeze lcd2
  9. szymonsays
    Hey guys, i'm in the market for a portable amp. I will probably get the Noble K10 very soon along with the Crankmaster 5000. I was looking around, and i ended up looking at three options: the ALO RXMKIII-B+, the cypher labs theorem 720, and the headstage arrow 5tx (enhanced bass version). I probably won't be using a portable amp to power up my LCD-XC or HD650 very often, but it'd be nice to know that the portable amp will be capable of doing it if called upon :)
    Can anyone tell me why the RXMKIII-B+ has been discontinued? 
  10. SDBiotek
    In general, ALO has revamped its whole portable lineup. Not sure why, but I would definitely caution you that I find the noise floor on the MkIII B+ is too high for my liking with the K10. The newest RX model is built for use with iems. I tried that combo for a few minutes at a show. It sounded very good, maybe a bit on the warm side, with no discernable background "hiss".
  11. AustinValentine
    True story: it cost too much to continue making. 
    This. MK3B/3B+ are spectacular for full sized cans and can have too high of a noise floor for very sensitive cans and most sensitive IEMs. 
  12. KB Contributor
    I would consider the Rx for any IEMs such as your K10s. 
    The Mk3B has been discontinued yes, we wanted to focus on the Continental Dual Mono and other future amps. I have to stop making one so I can make way for now items.
    Same is true with the International, older Continentals, Island and Key. These legacy items were made partner with my China based partner who I am no longer in business with. All ALO amps we sell now and will sell in the future are 100% USA made.
    Thank you,
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  13. KB Contributor
    Charge the battery.
    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  14. Sound Eq
    thanks ken
    But it was fully charged when I listened to it
    But it was so strange as the blinking was in sync with the beat of the song ( very weird ) from Bon Jovi's song called burning bridges song number 10 in the album
    maybe the alo mk3 liked that song so much that it got excited :)
    i like that bon jovi song as it is a slam in the face from bon jovi to his record label after 30 years of being partners
  15. Sound Eq
    can i ask Ken please, does the new continental dual mono sound analogue like, as I am so much after an analogue sound sigs, and how does it pair with the Audeze lcd2
    I wish you added bass boost to the dual mono
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