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ALO Audio RXMKIII Balanced Portable Amplifier Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by monotune, May 13, 2012.
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  1. ecva
    I got a "temporary" trade of the Rx Mk3-B for my Continental V3 and I am impressed.  I noticed the mk3 expanding the soundstage further and the bass tightened a little bit.  The only thing that irritates me is the channel imbalance.  Full volume on Low gain is not enough for my Westone 4R unfortunately as I listen to music pretty loudly.  Medium gain is ok but my listening level is to the point wherein a little turn of the volume down would give channel imbalance.  Other than that I am enjoying this combination with my CLAS.
  2. ButtUglyJeff
    ALO has been out of this amp for a little bit now. I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything in regards to lead time/changes/updates?
    edit - just got an email from ALO saying the amp is back in stock.  So a "never mind" is in order...
  3. sinkr
    After having used my RXMKIII for several months, going between Etymotic ER4P/S and an Audez'e LCD-3 w/ a Moon Audio Silver Dragon v3, I recently received my Tralucent 1plus2s.  All was great 'til I hooked the 1plus2s to the RXMKIII.
    Long story short, with the gain all the way down, no source, single or double ended, there exists a hiss that the ALO produces that is unavoidable and is apparent over music that has quiet or low volume segments in it.
    I wrote ALO Audio about this phenomenon, received the automatic standard disclaimer email stating that "they'll get to me when they get to me, etc;" 4 days ago and still no response.
    Needless to say, I've moved on to a Ray Samuels SR71B, which Gavin at Tralucent used to test my balanced 1plus2s, which does not produce this noticeable hiss.
    Your mileage may vary, but if you buy a really sensitive pair of IEMs, be warned that you may get almost unbearable hiss and non-existent or laisse faire 'support' from ALO on this, or other issues you may have.
  4. midnightwalker
    I would say the RX MK3-B has high noise floor than other portable amps due to its power. I have no problem to pair it with the SM64. However, the noise floor is high when I pair it with the Jh16, UE11. This can be solved by using the impedance adapter :)
  5. muzic4life
    I have no problem too with my sm64-v2. That maybe because sm64 has higher impedance that is 95ohm (the v1 is higher). With other iem the hiss is there no matter what. And shure 535le has it worst. My clas db with higher output will soon be arriving. From i ve been told..the hiss is even higher...that is a bad news.

    And yeah...static noise + imbalance channel are all in too on mine. Sad. Otherwise it could be more to love.
  6. sinkr
    I was able to see a similar effect w/ the ER4-P/S adaptor, reducing the hiss to an acceptable level, but I had my 1plus2s wired for the balanced connector and had no way of putting impedance in the path w/o hacking up the cable.
    I solved my issue by getting a new SR71-B, and so far, so good and I can at least begin to break my Tralucents in.
    In terms of power, the SR71-B drives my Audez'e LCD-3s just fine.  One day I will sit down and do some serious A/B testing, but out of the gate, I'd say that there's not a power issue, but I understand that the LCD-3 while being harder to drive, isn't the hardest set of phones out there to drive.
  7. sinkr
    The hiss I had coming from my RK-MK3B had nothing to do with the input source, so I'd say adding in the CLAS will not change that.
    For instance, I could get the same hiss with the volume on just enough to power up the amp, no single ended or balanced input, and the Tralucent 1plus2s plugged in.
    There was just no getting away from the hiss with these IEMs connected to the ALO.  
    Anyhow, life's too short to use an amp that puts out that much hiss at quite a premium for what it is, from a company that can't see fit to respond to its customers within a few days' time.  (7 days now and counting...)
    No thanks, for what this stuff costs, I expect much better service and will make no bones about airing that type of dirty laundry.
    I just hope I can sell this thing now that the cat's kinda, somewhat outta the bag.
  8. muzic4life
    I think i am agree with you. I just recieved my clas db (which claimed to be a newer version but i could not find any improvement in term of power output). Pairing my clas db with other amps i do not find any hiss. They just dead silence. But once i plugged my mk3...there you go the hiss. I did comparison too just to measure the hiss issue...the hiss i noticed from mk3 alone is slighty lesser versus when it paired with clas db..but anyway still too hissing for me. I always think this kind of problem should not be had considering the premium price. That is my biggest let down with rxmk3..and i decided to put it up for sale.
  9. sinkr
    (beating a dead horse here)
    I still have yet to get a response from them.  Pretty pathetic support;  So far so good w/ the SR71B, however.
  10. muzic4life
    ..and a dead horse surely won't wake :D

    I hope clas db will be a good pairing too my coming RSA Intruder. Can't wait to try that.
  11. midnightwalker
    What did you ask them, sinkr? May be I can help.
  12. AnakChan Moderator
    I must say that's strange. ALO has always been responsive to me. I've never had any trouble with communication with them. I've even sent Viber messages to Ken and he gets back to me.
  13. ButtUglyJeff
    ....and they are out of stock of the RX MkIII again.
  14. sinkr
    On 4/23, I sent an email to info ALO audio <info@aloaudio.com>, which is the address listed at http://www.aloaudio.com/contact-us.  Still no response, after the initial "we'll get to you when we get to you auto response."
    Whatever--I could have pursued it further, but I went in a different direction; one email should have been enough.
  15. precsmo
    Hi, probably it is a little off topic, but I really need everyone's advice. I'm looking for an amp exclusively for my Compact Monitors Stage 3 CIEM, which is only 18ohms. At 1st I've short listed to Pico Slim or RSA the Shadows, but the SR71-B really draw my attention as it seems like an one time upgrade for all. I've HD650 but my priority is my CIEM.

    Now I'm worrying if the SR71-B is way too overkilled and the gain is way too high for sensitive IEMs even at the lowest gain, in balanced mode? I'm really tempted with the SR71-B, but very worried if it is just way too powerful for CIEMs, further more, I've been only seeing reviews which the amp is praised to heaven but with full size headphone, it is very hard to find someone talk about the amp with sensitive iem.

    Really appreciate if some experience users of SR71-B can help out here. Thank you!
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