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ALO Audio RXMKIII Balanced Portable Amplifier Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by monotune, May 13, 2012.
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  1. bmichels
  2. SHAHZADA123

    If you're going with LCD-2, get the RSA71B but for LCD-3s the RxIII is the better amp.
    I've never used balanced input but balanced output is a must.
    I'm using Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable adapter system and Norse Audio.
    All, IMHO, etc, etc.
  3. lee730

    What firmware was this on for the DX100? 1.2.3 sounds like garbage. 1.1.7 is where the sound is at.
  4. shigzeo Contributor
    Just to clarify RE: DX100. The line out is extremely powerful, but its output is controlled via the volume buttons. Push to 100% to achieve close to line-level output. 
    But the RX3 outclasses the DX100 in a number of areas, overall power, control, and volume at high levels being one. The RX has always been either the highest performing portable amp on the market or one of the highest performing amps. That hasn't changed. Fortunately, the DX100 has a good line out system that works well (as noted earlier) with the RX3 as the two share a similar footprint.
  5. rudi0504
    Our two best portable set up to date

    My set up left : Alo RX 3 B + Fostex Hp p1 + iPhone 4 S

    My friend set up right : Alo RX 3 B + Alo Class + iPhone 4 S


  6. lee730

    What about in comparison to the Triad L3? I hear conflicting comments regarding the two.
  7. Audiowood

    These pictures are what I call A bundle of joy.:D
  8. rudi0504

    I have heard my friend triad L3 , Alo RX 3 B detail and soundstage is better than L3

    L 3. Separation is not as good as my Alo RX 3 b

    And the battery life from L3 is only 2 - 3 hours
  9. lee730
    Hmm how about compatibility with sensitive IEMs? Is the volume pot really good for low volume listening without channel imbalance? Is there any hiss?
  10. rudi0504

    You are right , thank you

    Joy for the sound quality , but it is not joy for my pocket :D
  11. shigzeo Contributor
    I have an L3 here at office. I'll try to get some good comparisons up as soon as possible. Also, the newest FiQuest. 
    Still, both of those amps are more than twice the size of the ALO Rx3. In fact, you are comparing a completely portable amp to two very large, transportable amps. There will be disparities in output pressure and at points, quality. The RCA input for the L3 is a big advantage, but so is balanced for the RX3. We are talking about two very different amplifiers. 
    Anyway, I'm amazed by the class of amp that has been brought up in this thread. We are talking about splitting kings' hairs here, nothing less.
  12. lee730

    Thanks Shigzeo. I look forward to your impressions. I figured these amps were more so comparable due to the price range. Didn't know the L3 was double the size. Unless you are referring to the L3 in the wood case or are you referring to the metal case? Although for me having very good volume control (especially with sensitive IEMs) at low volumes is a must. I also hate hiss so that is another important factor for me. My unit is about the same size as the DX100, just marginally bigger. Thanks once again.
  13. shigzeo Contributor
    My L3 is the metal case version and is more than double the size of the ALO RXIII. There is no way you could fit it in pair of trousers. Even attached to an iPhone, the RXIII can fit into a large pocket. If you're a hipster (or simply not into baggy trousers), it its better left in your leather 70's bag. 
    The RXIII has a very good channel separation even single ended despite being fed by a 3,5mm stereo signal. There is hiss, which is a shame, but the volume control (my unit isn't from the first batch; it may be from the third batch) is perfect for even sensitive earphones. The older, digital volume RX models were 100% perfect becasue volume was matched perfectly from the start. This is the only area that the new RX falls behind its prior generations.
  14. lee730
    Sounds good. Hiss would be the deal breaker for me. Especially when it comes to amps it must have a black background. I've made a compromise with the Studio V3rd ANV but could not do so on an amp. I agree with you on the portability factor. I definitely don't intend on using the L3 while out and about. It is strictly gonna be for my desktop or if I'm gonna be stationary for a long while I'll keep it on hand. Would probably set the Guinness would record for largest trousers if I was to intend on pocketing it :p. Unfortunately I'll have to wait for a proper charger for the L3. Also really looking forward to getting a good PSU to get the full potential out of the amp. Do you think you could post a picture of the MKIII along side the DX100? I thought it was quite a large amp still (compared to UHA6 MKII etc).
  15. rudi0504

    The latest batch from Alo RX 3 B has stil very Low hiss compare to My Friend Alo Rx 3 B

    Earler batch has lauder hiss.

    My Alo Rx 3 B hiss dosen t disturb Me

    It has No CHANEL imbalance In Low volume listening.

    It is very good compatibility With sensitive iem like fit ear 334 and Suherman SE 535 le.
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