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ALO Audio RXMKIII Balanced Portable Amplifier Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by monotune, May 13, 2012.
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  1. rmappita
    Hi Dj Nellie,
    I agree 100%, the level of hiss is unacceptable for me too, and the volume is already too loud at the turn-on point with my JH5, JH11, JH13 and Triple.fi 10 PRO.
    I know ALO Audio took 2 years to develop this amp and  put a lot effort on it, but there is a great ammount of channel imbalance at low volumes with IEMs and I wish they fix it for future amps. I`m disaponted because It is expensive and I did not have those problemas with Alo RX MK1. I will live the MK3 for my Full sizes, and buy an RSA Mustang or Pico Slim to use with  my customs. [​IMG]
  2. Kremer930
    Just to be clear- what sources and tracks are you both using?
  3. rmappita
    I use iPod Classic 7G 160Gb or Nano + Algorythm Solo + MK3-B. But I`ve tried iBasso DX100 + MK3-B and Hifman 801 too.
  4. ericfarrell85
    My unit arrived with the gain lowered so I can't comment on changes in SQ. I hear a hiss on all my customs, but apart from the softest passages, do not hear it (perhaps with strain and attention I could discern it) with music playing. With the gain adjusted there is plenty of volume range, not as much as the Pico or SR71A, but definitely more than the Stepdance (on low gain). I hope you have it adjusted because the synergy with the UERM's are really something. Anaxilus also enjoyed the combination when he auditioned the MK3, if I remember correctly.  
  5. dj nellie
    In terms of sources, so far I've only tried the CLAS, which I know to be one of the hottest sources around in terms of volume output.  I can see the gain/hiss issues being less of a problem straight from the lineout of an iPod, but considering the MK3 is from the same designer as the CLAS, I would have expected more synergy.
    As I mentioned in my first post, the gain and hiss issues are more noticeable with modern rock/pop/hip-hop, which I find tends to be mastered at a higher baseline volume than older soul/jazz/classical. But with any kind of recording, I hear loud hiss with my customs, and it's hard to get a volume level that isn't too loud but is also balanced on both channels.
    I had thought the Pico Slim would be my final portable amp simply because it has a completely black background and a fairly wide range of play on the volume knob before getting too loud with custom IEMs.  But while I still enjoy it, I find that it has a bit of a digital glare effect and not enough bass impact or extension.  The MK3 seems to fix those problems, but (at least the stock version) introduces the more problematic gain and hiss issues.
    The SR71B had literally 1 micro-tweak of a range that was both channel-balanced and not too loud with the CLAS and customs in balanced mode, whereas the MK3 doesn't seem to have any.  The volume jumps so rapidly with even the slightest touch on the knob, and that happens even with the higher-impedance DT1350 and Edition 8.
  6. Audiowood
    Mk3 hiss even for headphones like sig pro and th900. I use a volume in line controller to solve the hiss problems. . I can't get pass 4-5 o'clock volume on either of these headphones b4 ear drum got damage.
  7. thread
    I came to the same conclusion. The RxMK3 is a really fantastic portable amp, even when compared to many full-sized amps. It puts out quite high quality, enjoyable sound, but if you like the black background (mostly for quiet bits, between tracks...) and will use sensitive headphones, this one might not be the holy grail.
  8. Anthony1
    Loving my DX100/RX3 combo. The sound coming out of this beast with full size cans actually makes me stop and question some of my "desires" that I currently have.

    Currently listening to some St Germain and the bass slam is awesome. Cant hear any hiss with universal IEMs. Channel imbalance is present at lowest volume but that hasnt worried me once as i crank it up!
  9. wolfen68 Contributor
    Anyone try the RX3 with an RS-1 yet?  I assume no hiss with that headphone but would like to confirm.
  10. rmappita
    I just tested the RS1 with MK3-B and no hiss!!!
  11. funch
    Anyone here have a chance to compare the MKIII to the Continental?
  12. Grev
    Funch!  I nominated you for president since you put 2 batteries in the CLAS, and I can tell you how good this is in... a fortnight maybe?  I've got a pretty good feeling that this will be better than The Continental though.
  13. funch
    Ah, but there's nothing like that tube 'sweetnes'!
  14. Grev
    Speaking of that, I've bought The National and listened to it for at most 2 hours and I've had the damn thing for 4 months.
  15. basementdweller
    For those of you who got the gain lowered...how does that affect the ability to drive full size cans?  I am just wondering if they lowered the low gain only or if it affects high gain? I suppose it would have everything to do with the circuit layout and I know nothing about that.  Basically I know I will use my sensitive IEMs with the thing, if I decide to order, 70% of the time but I would still definitely like to drive my LCD-2 and have the option to drive my HE6.
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