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ALO Audio RXMKIII Balanced Portable Amplifier Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by monotune, May 13, 2012.
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  1. fusionramjet
    I'm thinking about getting the Rx mk3 to replace my SR-71b.
    One thing that intrigues me is that it's been noted to drive the HE-6 well.
    I've read that it takes 6 watts into 50 ohms to fully power the HE-6.
  2. AnakChan Moderator
    @fusionramjet, do feel free to go to the 2nd page of this thread.

    I wrote a comparison of the Rx Mk3 to the SR-71B. Admittedly in single ended mode but I don't think my opinion would change even comparing balanced to balanced.
  3. Kremer930
    I still stick with my comments that the bass is lacking on the HE6 when driven from the Rx3. It still sounds great but without the bass impact that the He6 are capable of.

    The Rx3 is still the best portable that I have ever tried...but it is still portable....
  4. RASeymour
    Is the amp supposed to run warm?  After an hour plus of use, it is noticeably warm (not hot by any means).  
  5. imackler
    Pretty sure that is discussed earlier in this thread. I think the answer is yes. 
  6. Kremer930
    Mine gets warm due to my loving embrace!:wink:. Or is that just due to be carrying a brick? ....hmmmm
  7. sunninho
    $650 for an amp is really kinda high.  Has anyone ever done a group buy with Alo?  I'd be down if there was a discount.
  8. imackler
    Has anyone heard this who also owns the AHA-120? A comparison would be interesting... 
  9. Audiowood
    Its high but you are buying a portable desktop amp... It blew the HR Ultra desktop amp out of the water to my ears..
  10. sunninho
    Yep, it seems great as a desktop amp, too.  For that dual-purpose (portable and desktop), I'm also considering the Portaphile 627 which is $100 less without the balanced circuitry, but with gobs more power?  
  11. Kremer930
    I have to write some praise to my favorite amp as my 1000th post! Still thanking Ken every time I listen to some tunes. Thanks for hanging in there Ken. The Rx3 is an absolute ripper!
  12. SHAHZADA123

    Congratulations on your 1000th.:xf_eek:
  13. longbowbbs
    Congrats on the Millennium mark!
  14. Anthony1
    Congrats Brett on the 1000th post :)
  15. StimulatedBoy
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    7 months ago, I purchased UE 18 Pro and a FiiO E7 to accompany my iPhone 4S. Idea was simple; Some brilliant CIEMs to accompany me on a daily basis while strolling, training, etc. After getting married, I wanted music on the go as "time" to sit down listening - like in the "old" days - are none existent.

    Anyway, the UE 18 Pro and the E7 was a tremendous step forward for me - in any way - compared to the Grado GR10 and iPhone alone. Now I want to take it one step further soundwise and I'm looking for a good amp / solution to partner up on my daily routines.

    Cost is not an issue, portability is somewhat important, battery life and good sound is important. And I still want the iPhone 4S (or 5 when that arrives) as "storage" in order to not have both a phone and a stereo on the go; Although I live too close to the artic circle for my liking, I don't want another backpack just for my music...

    Mostly listening to hip hop, r&b, some pop and rock, as well as more progressive metal (like Linkin Park). Using Apple lossless format. Like open airy sound with clarity, separation and punch but need to be holistic. Dont play to loud and in general like low volume to be able to listen to details and lyrics. Headphones are not an option after receiving the 18 Pro.

    So far I have been looking at loads of reviews and somehow ended up with the Pico slim and TTVJ slim. And now also the ALO RX MK III. And after all this research, I still dont know what to do. And there are not any stores carrying this kind of stuff around here, so buying upon your advice is my only choice.

    The pico and TTVJ will definitely be easier handling on the go but how is the sound compared to the mkIII? Are both a significant step up from the E7? Are both on par with the Fostex P1-H1 soundwise or there around? Will both pair well with UE 18 Pro?

    And then it is the MKIII. How will that fit? Is it to powerful/to much gain? How to handle that? Just to much in general? To big? Batteri life?

    Although I see that this forum have a preference for JH 16, did I go wrong with the UE 18 Pro and need to replace these with JH 16 or Heir 8.a to be able to get further?

    Any thoughts and help for new setup is welcome.
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