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ALO Audio RXMKIII Balanced Portable Amplifier Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by monotune, May 13, 2012.
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  1. shigzeo Contributor
    If it bothers you, unscrew and put in a bit of cardboard in the back or other block that only touches the logic board, so as not to bend anything. I've done this on a number of amps that rattled for one reason or another.
  2. thread
    I guess I should clarify that the noise floor that I was hearing was without any source plugged in. I should have mentioned that as it certainly simplifies the question!

    I really think I need to try my luck again, because it sounds like if you guys are straining a bit to hear the noise floor and it's simply not audible in the quiet parts of the music (Would you say that?) then I should be able to have better luck here.

    The confusing part, of course, is that Ken's shop found nothing wrong with my unit!

    Does any Rx3 owner have something like a Sennheiser HD 25-1 II or Audio-Technica ESW9/10? ... I think you should basically not hear any noise floor through headphones like these to have a prayer with IEMs, and I didn't have to listen too hard to hear it.

    The source is a DL3 (Cullen modified with the "level 3" treatment) if you were still curious.

    Edit: And again, the DAC and Whiplash-made XLR->RSA cable are only relevant because of the wild distortions I heard (that were the opposite of subtle) when I used the balanced input on the Rx3. (Output choice didn't matter.) The same DAC/cable work just fine with my 71B...
  3. StephenM
    Thanks for the explanations and sharing.
    What I am initially concerned with is the soldering problem of the circuit board and the female connector.  If this is not, and is just purely mechanical, I am cleared now.  Thanks, ALL.
  4. slwiser Contributor
  5. rmappita
    I can hear the noise floor without any source plugged in using low gain and single end, with my JH AUDIO customs, Triple.fi 10 PRO and with my Koss Porta PRO. With my DT990 PRO 250 Ohms the MK3-B is silent. I did not get the balanced cable yet to test it out. I will try to record the noise for using my microfone.
  6. thread
    @rmappita, Thanks for the report. Are you needing to listen at all close for it? Could you even see anyone characterizing it as "silent" ? ...Because a number of people have. And Ken is not aware of any variation between units in this respect. Mine was quite too loud with the IEMs, and still audible with the larger headphones I mentioned. Also, about recording the noise, I'm not sure how that would be useful as the issue is much more "how loud is it" vs "what does it sound like" ...

    @slwiser, I'm still extremely curious what your findings are with your HD 25-1 II and ESW10JPN.

    Edit: Ah, I see you updated your post above, slwiser. That is very encouraging. Thank you both very much !
  7. Kremer930
    I don't know what is different with my Rx3 but I am seriously loving it. Most times when I listen to it lately I find myself questioning the need to update my home rig. I am really loving the sound that is coming out of the RX3.

    Tonight I was listening to Jamiroqui and the texture of the bass was just awesome. I felt like I could just keep turning it up and it just stayed perfectly natural and controlled. Luckily I am conscious of potential hearing damage or I could be well on my way....
  8. KB Contributor
    Hello all,
    I offered to send Thread a new Rx3 out to him at no charge for him to try again since he has emailed me a few times on the matter, the only thing I asked was that if this changed his mind and wanted to keep it to just paypal the amount back. If he wanted to stick to the return just mail it back, he has declined the offer for now. I was hoping to put it to rest on way or the other I just want my customers to be satisfied and am trying my very hardest here and remain engaged here on the forum :) For sure just say the word and I will send it out to you and sorry for all the back and fourth here. In my private emails and my posts here on the open forum on the issue has been consistent - each listeners has a hefty degree of frequency sensitivity, compounding this can be recording, IEMs used etc and yes there is a noise floor. But I want to reiterate that there is no out of normal variation in this regard with in the Mk3 it self, nor a implied issue with the balanced inputs of the Mk3 that was brought up earlier in one of your posts.
    Thank you so much.
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  9. thread
    Thanks so much, Ken. You the man.

    I'm going to take you up on the offer and see if I can't have better luck this time.
  10. KB Contributor
    Awesome. Hope this works out. Sending ASAP.
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  11. Audiocrack
    Well it always good to know the manufacturer keeps a finger on the pulse and is ready to help. I myself was slightly worried when I ordered mine from the european dealer. But ALO has a good history of producing quality gear, so until proven otherwise, I will trust the company. :)
  12. Kremer930
    Have there been any others that have bought the Rx3 that read this forum? It would be nice to see how people rank the amp. For me, I rank it a 9.5 as it could use slightly lower gain on low but since it doesn't come close to impacting my normal listening volume I can't say that I am bothered.

    Could people list what components they normally use it with and then also which cans or iems? Not just a list of all the cans that people have but which ones they continually use and perhaps which ones they would like to use but due to some preference don't.

    I just want to get a feel for how many are having issues and how many may be sitting soaking in th e glorious Rx3 tunes. Cheers
  13. DannyBai
    I've been using mine mostly with HE-500.  To me, this combination sounds absolutely amazing.  I've tried the LCD-2 and don't get the same results though it still sounds great together.  I've tried my IEM's with it and I do get the hiss when the music is not playing but once the music starts, it's not very noticeable until quiet passages.  I generally don't feel the need to use the MK3 with any of my IEM's.  It feels almost too powerful.  I've been pairing it with the DX100 also.  Overall SQ, I'd rate it 9.5 or above.  It is absolutely the best sounding amp I've heard to date.  
  14. shigzeo Contributor
    I've been playing around with one here, but just for a few minutes. Incredible machinery here. Love the combo on/off volume and bass switches, truncated gain switch and the overall flatness of the amp. I was expecting HiSound level hiss from the reports here. But nothing of the sort. I'm using GR8 Grado at the moment, which aren't that sensitive, but can resolve hiss from an iPod nano 7G, which has a very very quiet background. The hiss isn't bad. I own other amps that hiss more, actually. And the hiss is steady, not interspersed with clicks and pops, and the amplitude doesn't change at all. It is a steady blanket, and reminds me of Rx. The first Rx had more noise than other IEM amps, too. Same old. 
    But it is a lovely sound so far and the bass adjustment is just enough to be fun and not overly powerful. Lots of power, lots of fun here.
    I've switched to uber-sensitive Sleek Audio CT7 with no ill effects. They do resolve more background noise, but again, that noise is steady and never undulates. Also, my version may have a lowered gain, so I have plenty of play with the volume before the earphones get too loud. Balance between left/right is very easy to attain because of this. Even at base volume, the left/right balance is pretty close, and with just a small turn of the knob, it gets to perfect balance. 
  15. Audiocrack
    I just got my amp, from the European dealer (2 day shipping... Wow!) and have just finished charging it. The sound of this amp through my Beter T1 is absolutely mindblowing..! Thats all I can say fo now - I'm dancing around listening to some Finnish metal (Korpiklaani - Päät Pois Tai Hirteen) and its just amazing, the soundstage and control... Needless to say, I love it!
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