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Allo DigiOne Signature vs. SoTM sMS-200 and 200 Ultra

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Nicholas Seltzer, Jan 28, 2019.
  1. Nicholas Seltzer
    Anybody have any idea how these two compare? I doubt I'll be playing much ultra high resolution or DSD so not worried much about limitations of S/PDIF. I'm only just recently coming around to the idea that digital sources matter, but I'm still not sure how much. Can a $350 DigiOne approach the performance of a $1500 dedicated unit like the SoTM sMS-200 Ultra? How about other devices like a MicroRendu and so forth?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. gordec
    I think for those who tried Digione say that it sounds good, but the interface and user experience can be clunky. I'm actually kind of doing my research on a network renderer. I'm want to get the SMS200 ultra neo. Used ones show up for $850ish. I think it's worth it. Ultrarendu probably is also very good. All network renders need to be well implemented, so you want the best OS and software, etc. The Rendu's and SMSs are the best in the regard.
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  3. Nicholas Seltzer
    Thanks, man. That makes sense. If I can find a good deal on the sMS I may go for it. Do you have any idea how it compares with the ultraRendu?
  4. gordec
    Most reports say SMS200 ultra is more musical but without sacrificing detail, but there are people who prefers ultrarendu. I think you can't go wrong with either one. I almost bought an ultra, but at this point, I want an ultra neo or optical rendu.
  5. Reverso
    Allo DigiOne Signature Owner here. The differences you would hear between the Allo and SMS's may also depend on the rest of the components in your set up. On balance, I found that the Allo, when paired with a nice power supply, was so good that it narrowed the performance gap between my Yggdrasil and the built-in DAC in my integrated amp. It actually made me question why I have such an expensive DAC in the first place.

    Your UX may also vary depending if you use it as Squeezebox player or Roon end point. I have mine set up as a squeezebox player since it is free and cheap, but will be moving to Roon as soon as I can.

    Long story short, you can't go wrong with updating your source. Pick the one that fits in your budget and priorities!
  6. Albrecht
    This is a difficult question as it is best answered under the consideration of your other components in your system. But, - in my opinion, - having had a Macbooks, iBooks, MacMini's, and Dell PCs in my system, - all of these digital file players sound better, and are cheaper. The Razberri/Allo digione is great because it's cheap and gives you coax Digital output. It equates itself very nicely with the Sonore & SoTM products. But if you have a pretty high performance system, you will find it lacking tonal balance, mid-range bloom, detail, and overall timing compared to the others, - especially with a very good ext. digital power supply. Adding an Uptone LPS-1.2 really takes DigiOne up a notch. If you have a sub $7-10K retail system, or unless you have a really great headphone system, - I would say that Allo DigiOne would be a really smart call. I have an ultraRendu and although I was incredibly impressed with Pi/DigiOne, and Uptone LPSU, - it did not cut it for me, as my ultraRendu sounds significantly better and significantly more "real"
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