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Feb 13, 2006

Originally Posted by fewtch
The goal of the MP3 format is to try to remove only *inaudible* information. Obviously it's flawed, but technically that's a reason to claim that a certain MP3 may not sound different than lossless.

Well more generically the goal of MP3 is to remove the least audible information.. starting with inaudible, and moving more and more into the audible spectrum, the further the bitrate is restricted.

Anyway who cares... double blind tests again and again have shown that some people can detect compression at rates as high as 320kbit, so the argument of whether or not it's possible is pointless. And some people can't tell the difference between 128kbit and source...

I'm red/green colourblind. Some people look at one of those color wheels where a number is supposed to appear, and they call out the number. As hard as I look, I just can't see it. Doesn't mean the number isn't there.

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