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Jan 2, 2008
Does one exist?

I want to make an iPod LOD for myself, but I cannot locate a vendor on the net that carries everything I need. That translates into multiple shipping and handling charges, and it seems that standard practice is to gouge on shipping to make up for "the lowest price on the web".

Here is what I am trying to source:

iPod connector like you can find through Ridax
Neutrik/Canare 3.5mm plugs or similar
Canare Star-Quad or similar

I have located everything I need, and I've been able to get down to 3 vendors, but shipping is costing just as much as the parts! Any help?
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Well, with the iPod connectors, you're definitely going with at least 2 suppliers. As far as I know, they're only sold by Ridax and at*»*WHAT'S NEW. You can actually get all your supplies from there, but they only carry pure silver cable and compared to other places, everything is very overpriced, like double the MSRP type of overpriced.

You can grab most of what you need from Redco Audio, it's cheap and they offer very good prices on things, that cuts it down to 2 suppliers.
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Redco is looking pretty good so far. I know Qables sells the iPod connectors also, but aren't they overseas?

Thanks for the linkage to Redco man!
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Doh, lol.

I would prefer gold plated connectors, do you know anything about the Redco SM/LK? It says it's for Sennheiser wireless systems but I'm wondering if I might be able to put it to use. The only other option I see through Redco is the Switchcraft RA but it looks pretty large my application. Otherwise I'll just go the F12 route.

Thanks again.
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ask him about the NYS31BG

they are gold plated neutriks. Sells them for $1 each.

You have to ask him though. It isn't on their site.

This is Redco that I'm talking about.

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