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Oct 8, 2005
I need help choosing headphones for all day use. Will be used to listen to conversations - sound quality is important. They also need to be light and block out background noise. What do you recommend and why?
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will be able to listen to conversation and block out background noise kinda contradict with each other. dont you think so? or you mean its easy to take off to get into a conversation etc?
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Transcription work?

I'd recommend the AKG K-501, except that it's an open headphone. They block some noise, but probably not as much as you'd like. Sound quality is about the best you could get, however.

You might be interested in the Sony MDR-V6. Those are closed and are used in a lot of pro/studio work. Mids are strong on them, as well. Even better, they usually go between $50-$70 and they're easy to find.

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