Alice in Chains - New single
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Very good song
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I have to say ive been hating on the whole "keeping the name Alice in Chains with Staley not around" ordeal but this song is bada$$.
Great to hear they are staying true to their sound and still pumping out some wicked bass lines.
This William guy sounds quite good; fits in with the overall AIC sound but not to the point of being a Stayley ripoff.

Stoked for the album!
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I signed up for the song but can't download the mp3 via the provided link.
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Alice in Chains and Porcupine Tree albums in September w00t
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Originally Posted by jilgiljongiljing /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Hey tdogzthmn's, I'll be there in SFO for PT as well, maybe we should have a mini head-fi concert meet and find out who else is coming.

Sure, that would be fun.

I agree it has a distinct sound that separates it from most bands today, which IMO is a good thing.
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