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something more "serious" option ?

Melos SHA-X?
Actually if you read nwauguy review on this blog, he give very high remarks about it with his objective measurement on the miniRA1 :)
The Grado RA1 is supposedly a good pair with RS1. If Grado knows how to produce good sounding headphones, I am sure they know how to make an Amp to pair it.
Sure, many more "serious" options out there.
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I have a Schiit Asgard with my MS-Pro's. That's in your budget!!
Personally and especially for the money, I love it. Such a great Amp for the dosh. 
I won't babble on about it though- the below reviews say it all.
Jan 7, 2013 at 7:38 AM Post #139 of 220
How about,
the MAD EAR amp? :D
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I don't know what to advise. Something that is well designed, with a low noise floor, dynamic, not too bright... I use a Audio-GD NFB5.2 but I think same results could be achieved with the 15.2...
But now I have modded the Darkvoice 336's output capacitors, and the I prefer that to my Solid State amp.
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does anybody tried to recable his alessandro ms pro's ?
i want to make a one-sided cable mode somehow.
first i need to find a thin but great cable.
any suggestions ?
i think the the original cable is too heavy and too thick for my "dream headphone".
i bought philips SHP 5401 headphone today.
i want to make a pad mod too with this philips pad. really comfortable.
anybody heard alessadro ms pro with talisman headphone amp ? (like: T-3H or something similar)
Ms Pro rulez
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I've read great reports, but never tried one myself
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FYI, Schiit Asgard is Solid State.. 
Jan 24, 2013 at 12:41 AM Post #149 of 220
My review on the MS Pro if anyone is interested!
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MS PRO at home since yesterday . Good Sounding with L Cush (even if i am not yet very used to their sound) , but not very confortable , getting a bit better with hours .
BUT with G Cush they are CONFY , and i am licking how it change the sound ...

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