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  1. saturnine Contributor
    I sold alea35 a modified EMU 0404 soundcard. He was quick to pay, and always friendly to talk to. Highly recommended buyer [​IMG]
  2. Naris
    I sold alea an HD580. He was quick and easy to communicate with, and polite. He also helped to make a fast transaction. I'd recommend doing business with him.
  3. The Monkey Contributor
    Bought the DT 770-80 from him. Honest and friendly. No problems.
  4. Tyleroni
    Alea35 bought my Chaintech AV-710. He paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, Tyler.
  5. Illah
    Sold him an EMU0404 breakout cable. He sent payment quickly and was great to deal with!

  6. LeonWho
  7. LeonWho
    I bought a MisterX Pimeta from alea35 a month ago, and after immediately sending him payment and my address, he seemingly disappeared.

    Then, two weeks and 10 messages from me later, alea35 contacted me to tell me that he has just shipped the amp.

    However, I never received the Pimeta. alea35 has again disappeared.

    I would advise strongly against doing business with alea35 until this has been cleared.

    UPDATE: alea35 just refunded me my $75 I paid for the amp. I am satisfied with the results of this transaction. Please read alea35's post below for an explanation.

  8. alea35
    To clarify what happened, I had a string of bad luck right around the time this transaction occured. I had a family member in the hospital and had to take multiple trips. Upon my return I became extremely ill and ended up in the hospital myself. I'm extremely sorry for what happened and I promise nothing like that will happen again.

  9. moodyrn
    Well things aren't looking so good with me. I paid for a pair of hd580s on 9/29 and as of today 10/5, I haven't received anything. It takes multiple pm's just to get a response and the seller can't even provide me with a tracking number. Will keep posted of any updates.
  10. moodyrn
    He/she never responded and still no headphones, so it's apparent now the this person is both a thief and a liar and I wouldn't do any business with this person.

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