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AKG Q701 repair

  1. eldus
    I recently purchased an early model Austrian Q701 on eBay.

    The trouble is this, every so often, the Left side will fade to silence. I have checked the continuity between the mini-xlr terminals and the terminals that I assume lead to the driver. They are connected.

    The odd thing is that it will also be back after a while. Either while sending audio to it or not. I have tested different sources and cables. They are fine.

    Is anyone familiar with this issue? The right side is steady. To me it seems like a driver issue. If a replacement is in order, matching is a concern of mine. The seller is offering a half price return.

    Thank you
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  2. buke9
    I would suggest you get a full return from the seller as what you bought doesn’t work. I would push that really hard as if you didn’t buy these as is then they are not right.

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