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AKG Q701 authenticity: am I getting a fake?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by alpolaris, May 27, 2011.
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  1. alpolaris
     I got a AKG Q701 black from an ebay seller 2 weeks ago.  Since I don't have any other full-size headphones,  I can only compare it with my Triplefi 10 in-ear and it doesn't sound noticeably superior as what I expected.  Then I noticed the specifications printed on the retail box is really weird ( apparently it should be 10ft/20ft)



    The serial number on the box is something like AK3007-043XX, the last 5 digits do match what is on the headphone though. Is there any chance this pair being a fake one?

  2. JamesMcProgger
    Are you using an amp? I've heard the KX01 series are picky about amplification, and I own a K601, which sure is picky.
  3. alpolaris


    I left my nuforce amp home so just gonna plug this into ibm laptom directly. I agree that I might need an amp to check if this pair is defective or not.
  4. FearSC549
    There's no known fake 701.
    I think you're not using it with an amp. 
  5. Proglover
    exactly, these absolutely NEED an amp
    Never heard of 70X fakes
  6. Digital-Pride
    And a quality DAC to go along with that amp.  On board laptop soundcards are often not up to the task of adequately powering high quality full-size headphones.
  7. classakg


    True. Onboard sound is crappy. You need something better for them. 
  8. Currawong Contributor
    They don't have much bass compared to TF10s, so they don't have much of a sound that makes people go "wow" at first listen.  
  9. NewAKGGuy


    The K702s are my top cans and the TF10s are my top IEM.
    Broken in and properly amped the K702s have significantly more/better bass extension than the TF10s.  What they don't have is the same artificial hump in the midbass that the TF10s do.
    As others have stated you must have an amp to drive these cans and it needs to be a good one as well.  What others have not mentioned is that they also need a fairly long break-in.  The bass doesn't really start showing up until 100+ hours into their life (as I recall) and continues to improve after that.
  10. vorlon1 Contributor
    I recently bought a Q701, and I love the sound, much better than my K 701, but as others have stated you are going to need an amp, and a good powerful one, to get the sound from these cans. Just for the heck of it, I just listened to them out of the computer.  Very anemic sound, low volume, small image, they just need a LOT more power. I have taken pictures of the box and serial numbers on mine which all match.  Perhaps you should contact the seller and inquire.
    CablesQ701.jpg boxserialQ701.jpg SerialQ701.jpg
  11. vorlon1 Contributor
    Ok, now I see that your picture is of a different side of the box, here, so you are probably ok.
  12. ThrillerUSA
    Any chance of an update with regard to amplifying and breaking in your Q701s properly?
    I've had a pair of Q701s for one week now, being under-powered by an Apogee Duet 192k DAC but with a Burson amp on the way.
    The AKGs at 80 hours still sound horrible in every department so I thought maybe they were counterfeit and was happy to see this thread.
    Any additional information moving forward with the AKGs would be super appreciated, thx.
  13. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Can anyone compare the bass in the Q701 vs DT880?
  14. chicolom


    Try asking in here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/582276/q701-appreciation-thread/270
    I know Chris J, specifically owns both
    It's been too long since I heard the DT880s, I can't give a fair comparison anymore  =\  (Damn you memoryyy!!)
    Actually, going of memory [​IMG],  the DT880 and DT990 bass seemed pretty similar to me [​IMG]...
  15. Dubstep Girl


    +1. they sound bad without burn in + you need good amp to get the most out of them.
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