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  1. Beygan
    Anybody try on a pair of AKG's new IEMs? Coined the 'N40s', they're supposedly the bridge to the gap between the K3003s and the lesser dragons of their IEMs, such as the N20. Featuring a hybrid setup, one dynamic driver paired with one balanced armature driver, these IEMs push out onto MMCX cables that can be hot swapped to cables of your liking.
    Just curious as to whether the members of this forum are aware of this new addition to AKG's product line and if anybody's interested in them. I certainly am.
  2. lomenhk

    N40 was released a week ago in Hong Kong here, I went to audition it and found it satisfies my taste.
    The built of this IEM is detailed, the finishing is better than those IEM of Shure and Westone brands.
    Pairing with my ZX2, with a bit EQ, reference filter applied on N40, I found its sound leans to balanced side, with a very detail, silky smooth highs, mids a bit laying backwards but still I can hear many details of musical instrument. However, the sound stage is wide but lack of depth, as it is a hybrid IEM it requires a long time burn-in to reflect its true potential. But the highs really impressed me, not bright but the silky, smooth feeling with good extension is very enjoyable.
    The 2nd thing that impressed me is the bass (my most favourite, as a basshead). Setting the CB to level 10 of my ZX2 for testing, the bass of N40 produces is extremely punchy and fun. Texture is alright and I believe it can be improved after burn-in.
    I am seriously thinking to get one of these. Originally will go for CA Nova but N40 now has chimed in and make me hesitate. Hmm....let me have a thorough consideration!
  3. Beygan
    Very nice detail review lomenhk. I too have tried the N40 at the shop but unfortunately was not impressed by the sound quality. I am coming from using the RHA MA750, which I think is extremely well articulated headphones (very clear as many of my friends who tried it also agree). After trying the N40 and comparing, it is not as crisp and bright as the MA750s, so I was a little thrown back by the treble quality. Basewise I was still leaning toward my RHAs, as they produced a nice subwoofer effect with decent amount and definitely not overpowering.
    May have to return to the shop to retest these headphones. They are appealing to me because of the MMCX connection that allows me to change cables and connect via balanced output to my L3.
  4. lomenhk

    I also agree that the highs is not crisp and bright, but it is kind of smooth and silky feeling.
    May be trying to switch to the high reference filter would satisfy your needs?
  5. alffla
    tried this last week as well. not sure what filters were inserted but sounded like the reference ones - overall I was not too impressed by it's sound for the price of 3000hkd (I've tried many many different iems including budget to TOTL, but my main driver is the ATH IM50 at the moment)

    using the im50 as a reference point, when i tried the akg n40 it had a relatively neutral leaning to warm sound signature. soundstage was only slightly wider, and highs were a bit more pronounced and extended than the im50. bass was more controlled, less boomy.

    the sound was very coherent for a hybrid design though, and it's small combat design is quite comfortable.

    akg sadly didn't capture my heart with this new release - I'm a huge fan of hybrid designs and was looking to see whether this could've been another choice for me apart from the Oriolus.

    Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
  6. lomenhk
    N40 really not bad at all, I re-tried it once again today and finally pulled the trigger. As a hybrid IEM, I found it is very source dependent and suggest to pair it with high-end DAP or amp would surely boost its performance.
  7. fb24601
    It is not impressive, but everything is not bad, a very balanced and slightly warm sound. I'll say they are at the very top choice for overall performance at similar price.
  8. HiFiGuy528
    sells for $399 in U.S. I wonder how it compares to K3003.
  9. akg fanboy
    Based on lachlanlikesathing's impression video today, they have an emphasized mid bass and a slightly relaxed treble while still retaining details, and it is comfortable but has weak isolation. Second hand k3003's are only slightly more expensive than the n40's.
  10. hifikid245
    Interestingly, at the end of the video he also mentioned that the inline remote is switchable from ios to android and vice versa. I wonder if there's a low profile L jack version.
  11. willyvlyminck
    wonder how they compare with the Beyerdynamic AK8 and Sennheiser IE80?
  12. willyvlyminck
    You should only trust your own ears.
  13. lomenhk

    Sorry, I have heard AK8, and I just heard IE80 once several years ago. If recalling my short memory of IE80, I reckon N40 is far better.
    Vlad0 likes this.
  14. willyvlyminck
    That is intresting ,thx, that makes the N40 a candidate on the Christmas list:blush:
  15. lomenhk
    Hi willyvlyminck, I mean I haven't heard AK8 but have heard IE80, sorry about the typo error :)
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