AKG K712 amp recommendations
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Oct 2, 2012
I just ordered some AKG K712 and now I'm wondering what amp to get. Someone has recommended me the Magni/Modi combination but unfortunatly I'm going to get stung by import tax as I'm in the UK. I saw also the o2 amp/dac combo unit but also that is made in the US. Is there anything worth buying that would come from Europe or does anyone know where I can get Magni/Modi or O2 amp/dac combo in Europe? Or is there another combo worth getting that is made in Europe? I guess I'm looking around the $200 mark, give or take $50.
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Audio-GD NFB-15, $270 + shipping ($45)
import tax will be low because they will claim a low value with the shipper.
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Epiphany site has a message on the O2Di from may saying they're awaiting stock. I mailed them to ask if it's still the case or if they forgot to update the page. I haven't had a reply and it's been a few days. The Audio-GD NFB-15 will total $315 plus the small amount of import tax but I'm looking to spend $300 max (I already bumped it up from $200). Is there anything else you can think of?
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I wouldn't order anything from Epiphany Acoustics without first verifying that they are still in business. See this discussion thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/775948/epiphany-acoustics-still-in-business
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  Oh dear.. do you know of anything else decent I could get in the UK?

I think Billie Piper is very decent, maybe better then decent :)
How about Posh Spice :)
Rhona Mitra :)
Assuming this audio setup is for a windows PC computer.
Maybe buy a used Asus Xonar DX or D1 sound card, with it's CS4398 DAC chip, it makes a fairly good DAC, for the price.
You could try one of those low costing tube headphone amplifiers that are sold on eBay, ships from China.
Maybe find a (used, off eBay)  Bravo Ocean tube headphone amplifier.

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