AKG K702 Equalizer APO Flat Config
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Oct 14, 2014
Hey everyone, I'm not asking for help, but uploading something that some might find interesting.
Firstly, I see lots of people posting about the AKG K702s being a flat response headphone. While they may be correct technically, we don't necessarily hear frequencies exactly the same as microphones which measure the response of these things, since our ears are our devices for listening with. On this thought, I took Equalizer APO (a great system wide EQ tool) and SineGen, a sine wave generator through all frequencies, and went to work.
Firstly I took several frequency response measurements of them from around the place, headroom, inner fid, ect. I took that, flipped it upside down, chucked it in a transparent window, lined it up and connected the dots following the average of the combined measured responses (which I earlier combined into one image in photoshop)
After that I went through and attempted to iron out the creases and bring all of the frequencies to the same level (or at least the perception of my ears), from 20Hz to 18000 (where I stopped because I didn't see much point in going any higher).
Anyway, some of you might be interested in putting the config into your set up and seeing how the K702's respond. I know some people have different ears and what not, and you may have to do some more tweaking yourselves, but I think I got the majority of it pretty good. 
My set up currently is, a TubeMagic D1 powering the K702s with stock cable. 
Also remember to put in the preamp minus a few decibels. 

Let me know what you guys think. Hope you can get something out of it. At least, I thought for some of us, if we can get multiple people to share the APO files for their flattened headphones then one can in theory (with the invert button in APO) "try before you buy" of course not exactly, but at least we could get an idea of what some of the FR of other headphones is. 
For other people out there who don't have the K702, flatten your headphones like I did, then download my file, put another blank eq slot on top of the one for your headphones, load my eq on to the blank one, press the invert button on APO and boom, you have a poor mans K702. 
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