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AKG K702 Amp/Dac

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by onylink, Nov 27, 2011.
  1. OnyLink
    What Amp/Dac would I be able to use with my K702's? I have about a 250$ budget. I am trying for something without tubes. I have looked into the e7/e9 combo but I feel as if that won't have enough power for the power hungry K702's. Ive also looked at the Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1 in which I think would be able to run the K702's pretty well except im not quite sure about the amp's quality with the K702's.
    Thanks :D
  2. HaVoC-28
    Why not the new M-stage with USB input ? The DAC en USB receiver are not the best (implentation etc) but it should do decent djob for a start and you could upgrade it later . (a bit more than 250$ but you can think about it) M-Stage work very well with K702 . Peraphs audio GD NFB-12 too . (but never tryed this one using a NFB-2 + C2.1 and very happy with them) .
  3. Gwarmi
    Audio GD NFB-5 ~ yes it's truly worth finding those extra dollars at $330USD, it's a more competent combination than the E7/E9.
    Output power
    Only for headphone.

    3500mW/25 ohm 
    1800mW/50 ohm
    900mW/100 ohm
    300mW/300 ohm
    150mW/600 ohm

  4. OnyLink
    I wasn't quite sure if the Matrix had enough power. And wouldn't i still need a dac if i were to get the matrix? As for the Audio GD NFB-5 would it work really well for the K702's? Like, does it give it the power the k702's need and also have a good dac/amp?
  5. liamstrain


    The USB updated M-stage would not need an external dac, unless you wanted one that was better specced/more flexible. It does have enough power for the 702.
    That said, the NFB-5 would be better. Both a better dac, and a better amp. 
  6. OnyLink
    What would be better the NFB-5 or the NFB-12?
  7. deandake


    I was wondering that too. I am looking for something to use at my desk at work. 
    I went through the spec's of both and found them to be identical. The NFB-5 looks to have a more robust transformer but is appears that is for other low voltage items like the display. The output is exactly identical to that of the NFB-12.
    Anybody else have feelings on this?
  8. Danthrax
    I'm probably going to get the iBasso D7 for my q701s. There is a thread about it in the portable amps forum.

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