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AKG K702 65th Anniversary + Cables [FINAL PRICE DROP]

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  1. BillsonChang007
    For Sale
    I am putting up my AKG K702 65TH Anniversary with my own DIY cable that I like to call them CasqueCables for the mentioned AKG and a pair of RCA cables. Stock cable, original near-perfect condition box and the original 6.3mm jack included. ALL must go TOGETHER sorry. The shipping cost is on me. My price is at USD300 + Paypal charges for all. Selling it because I'm getting an upgrade.

    Items' Description:

    AKG K702 65th Anniversary; [USD200]
    Its like in new condition [PM for more pic if you wanted].. It is considered the early production as a result, they are not using the new angled pads which some people prefer [note: some people prefer the older pads over the angled pads as well]. They have rarely left my studying room, never been to any smoky places or whatsoever. [PM for more pic if you wanted].

    CasqueCables for AKG; [USD50]
    It uses duo 24AWG pure copper silver plated cable with telfon coated and a blue sleeve for each individual channel. It adds warmth, improves instrumental separation, and makes things less muffled than stock cable. However, the sleeve is a little microphonic so best used when stationary. Cable length about 1.6m (never really took a measure of it) and ends with a 3.5mm but will include a 6.3mm jack for it.

    CasqueCables RCA; [USD50]
    I made it because I wanted a full blue audio rig but the length wasn’t right for my need therefore, I decided to give this away for free with the AKG cable.

    Annie’s Box and accessories condition;
    The included 3m and 6.3mm jack is in perfect working condition and NO cosmetic damages as well. The boxes are also in 99% perfect condition. There are very little tiny damage at the corner of the cover of the box[PM for more pic if you wanted]..

    AKG K702 65th Anniversary + CasqueCables for AKG + CasqueCables RCA + Shipping = USD 300

    *PM for more photos. :)
  2. BillsonChang007
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