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AKG K701 with Ibasso D4 Mamba

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by hyururi, Oct 6, 2010.
  1. hyururi
    Hi, umm i am new to head-fi. I just bought AKG K701 and was wondering to buy Ibasso D4 mamba.. Do they seems fit? If not, does anyone knows a good portable headphones for AKG K701 maybe less than $300
  2. RuiCanela
    Hi there.
    If you want to feed properly K701 I should look other way, forget portable amp, K701 are great cans but they need a lot of power sound good. I use Heed Canamp, its a great match for K701!
  3. HiFlight


    My D4 Mambo can drive my AKG K-340's to a reasonable level with no distortion.  They are probably the most difficult to drive of any dynamic phones next to the K-1000.
    My AKG K-501s are driven to a much higher volume than I would ever care to listen.  They are, I believe, about the same efficiency as the K-701's. 
    You should have no trouble at all using the Mambo to drive your 701's unless you listen at dangerously high levels.  
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  4. hyururi
    Thx for the advice [​IMG]. By the way, if i change the cable does the sound greatly changed or it will more or less stay the same?
  5. HiFlight


    Some profess to be able to hear changes, others do not.  Personally, I think cable changes are subtle at best.  I, myself, would not recable the 701's as the cable used is quite good. 
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  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    LIstened to this from my laptop, sound is fat - artificially too fat. Bass isn't grossly bloated though, it's just that it was darker than the HD600 with the Mamba. Stage depth wasn't something to write home about, given what the K701 is known to do with other DACs (especially those that were designed primarily for speakers.)
  7. hyururi


    Just ordered the Ibasso D4 mamba for $200 estimated shipment arrival next monday. Got to try on my own..[​IMG]

  8. Jibbie
    The K701 is a current hungry 'phone, so it needs an amp that can output a lot of current.  The Matrix M-Stage amp is a great amp for these headphones, costing only 270 shipped.  It outputs about 400mw at the resistance level of the AKGs, which is perfect for these headphones.
    I also just ordered a D4 mamba for my K701, however, it will be used as a DAC, and I will be ordering the Matrix very soon.  The D4 will be an upgrade from no amp at all, but if you can save up some more money and you want to take the AKG's even further, buy the Matrix and use the D4 as a DAC.
  9. HiFlight


    I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how well the D4 is able to drive your AKG's,  especially at the 9v setting. 
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  10. Jibbie
    My Ibasso D4 arrived yesterday, and so far I have been very pleased with it.  As a DAC, it adds a good amount of clarity, soundstage, and detail to the music.  The K701 sounds a little more refined because of this, and has a little bit more bass due to the extra amplification.  I just ordered a Matrix M Stage amp, which will drive the AKGs with much more authority.  Don't expect the Ibasso to provide a huge amount of improvement, but it does its job well.
    Hopefully, once my system is complete, the K701 will have some more meat on its low end, otherwise, Ultrasone Pro 900 here I come.
  11. drez
    the k701 will never have a meaty bottom end, detailed and tight yes, but nothing short of an equalizer will give it a meaty bottom end, at least from what I found driving it with a Burson ha-160.
    of course it depends how you define "meaty" lol.
  12. Jibbie
    Yeah, I agree.  Sometimes the bass can actually surprise me at how good it is.  But most of the time, it lacks, especially in electronic music (which is just about all I listen to).  I think once I've tested the AKGs out with the Matrix, I'll probably end up selling them and buying the Ultrasone Pro 900 or maybe the Beyer DT990
  13. hyururi
    yyyaayyy, my ibasso had just arrived today. it's great actually but i have just 1 question.... how to turn up the volume when using it as a dac..... I tried to turn my laptop volume but it doesn't do a difference. I tried to turn the amplifier vol an doesn't do anything either. (sorry for my bad english)
  14. Jibbie

    If you have the headphones plugged into the aux in/out, it bypasses the Ibasso's built in amp and the volume control does nothing, so make sure that your headphones are plugged into the headphone jack (the input jack on the left).  Keep your computer's volume at max, and then you can adjust the volume using the volume knob on the front of the Ibasso.

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  15. hyururi
    ....oo ok... 1 more question... The Dac sound isn't as good as the 9v battery is this normal or is this a faulty goods. I bought it used by the way

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