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AKG K701/Q701/K702/K712 headband elastic quick fix

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ardilla, Jan 29, 2016.
  1. ardilla
    I have a pair of K701's with loose elastics. The rubber bands that hold the headband's suspension is stretched out over the years. They can be replaced properly, but that'll require special parts, a lot of frustrating picking-apart-action..

    So I did a very functional 10-second repair. It works fabulous - much better than the original ones! You just have to snap off the elastic-holding clamp off the grey headband hoops, and wrap the rubber bands around it. Super fast, super durable!

    I am quite certain I am not the first to do this, but I haven't seen anybody posting it:


    I used a large and flat type grocery store rubber band 90 x 3 mm (90 mm is half the circumference).

    Additional info:
    There is an official repair hguide from AKG, it is located here (at the time of this post): http://cloud.akg.com/11272/1448017112315_674_6.pdf

    There are previous threads where you get a hint of how to replace them properly:
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  2. ionengine
    I never liked the elastic self adjust it never felt like it holds the adjustment that I want. So I cut off the elastic put the headphones on and position the headband to the most comfortable position. Then hold the position of each adjustment and superglue each side to the position I find the best for comfort. Now I can put on the headphones and they hold the position that I prefer. For me this works well.
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  3. xxicrimsonixx
    I just did this on my K702 Annie with blue elastic bands. The elastic on one side of the headphones is completely stretched, and this fixed it. It works great thank you. 
  4. scruffy1
    i just got a pair, with the same issue

    my down 'n' dirty repair involved a similar trick - i shortened the stretch by wrapping a cable tie (or two as required) around the pair of elastics on each side, and in effect converted the parallel "drop" onto an X, making the length a hypotenuse rather than the adjacent - pretty close to the perfect height for my ears, but the superglue is appealing

    i'll consider further "fix" once i can stand to take them off my ears, because they are plenty comfortable for wearing, but really comfortable for blissing out on music

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