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AKG K701 & Heed Canamp

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  1. cap10 crunch
    For Sale
    I'm selling my AKG K701 (white, nondetachable cable) and Heed Canamp (115V) together or sold separately. These two were made for each other, they're a perfect couple!
    The power hungry K701 are completely satisfied with the power that the Heed Canamp can provide. My K701s are completely broken so you don't have to burn them in as some people have over 1000 hours in the past. These two are in complete synergy as the Canamp provides in bass and liveness that the K701s are lacking rounding them out to be the perfect neutral reference headphones. These are one of the best sounds you can get at this price especially the mids and highs where these headphones shine.
    The condition of the headphones are excellent. No scratches on them or the cable whatsoever. The amp has tiny scratches on the front plate, but other than it's in excellent condition as well.
    Price! I'd prefer to sell as a bundle but will be willing to separate but why would you when you have the perfect combo right here!
    NO TRADES, Shipping to USA only! If you're in NYC you can pick them up in person as well.
    Headphones and Amp toghether = $250 + $20 shipping
    Headphones only = $100 + $20 shipping
    Amp only = $200 + $20 shipping
    Includes all original cords. No original boxes.
    Feel free to hit me up on here and we can go from there.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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