AKG K67 Tiesto Vs. Denon Urban Raver AH-D320, how is the difference between the sound signature of these two are defined?
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Ace Bee

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Feb 23, 2015
A question to the veterans from a rookie:
I own a pair of AKG K67 and a pair of Denon D320. The former one I bought to get a taste of good quality sound at an affordable price (with a huge discount). The later I bought in an auction on ebay, and found that the sound is no less amazing. While both of them produce IMHO great sound, good isolation, enough bass, nice treble, and a nice soundstage, they have their differences. And I can't simply describe it in one word. So I'm seeking your help.
AKG K67 sounds like all the instruments and vocals are being played right before me, in open air, without any microphone-soundsystem setup in between. Just the music flowing through the air directly from the instruments.
Denon D320 sounds like the instruments and vocals are being played in a large auditorium, with a microphone-soundsystem setup in between.
Is it reverberation? Is it the effect of the housing? I can't seem to tap the right definition. Please help me understand this. Thanks in advance

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